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.Net Application Projects

SnoProject TitleCost(INR)
6Travel Mate Add Module6500Buy Now
7Work Order System Call Centre6500Buy Now
9Searchable Attribute-Based Mechanism with Efficient Data Sharing for Secure Cloud Storage6500Buy Now
10Pick-It Courier Service6500Buy Now
11Online Taxi Booking6500Buy Now
12Lifetime Enhancement Techniques for PCM-BASED IMAGE Buffer in Multimedia Applications6500Buy Now
14Hotel Reservation6500Buy Now
15ERP System6500Buy Now
16Bug Tracking System6500Buy Now
17Vendor Information System For Shiping6500Buy Now
18Top-K ranking System6500Buy Now
19Secure Medical Image Archive System6500Buy Now
20Business Activity Coordination Using Web Services6500Buy Now
21Management Portal6500Buy Now
23Secure Data Filtering Recommendation System6500Buy Now
24Online Resources Sharing via Social Networks6500Buy Now
25Secure self-destructing in Cloud Computing6500Buy Now
26Web Resourecs File Authorization Management6500Buy Now
27Click based image re-ranking system6500Buy Now
28Tree Structure Data Analiysis Mining6500Buy Now
29Web Resource Allocation for CorPerate6500Buy Now
30Web Vulnerabilities and Security6500Buy Now
31Fuzzy Cloud Search Using XML6500Buy Now
32Cloud Data Supporting Secure Query Search6500Buy Now
33Tour Recommender Systems on Web6500Buy Now
34Distributed Interactive Web Applications6500Buy Now
35Secure Query Processing for Cloud6500Buy Now
36Online Data Storage with less pricing6500Buy Now
37Cost Based Web Content Managemnts6500Buy Now
38Web Hospital Management6500Buy Now
39Online Data storage with low price6500Buy Now
40Secure Online Data Block Authorization6500Buy Now
41Profitable Onlin web Server System6500Buy Now
42Online Economies File Manager for Multi Keying6500Buy Now
43Key based Online Data Managements6500Buy Now
44Critical Workflow Management for Web Documents6500Buy Now
45Secure Online Documents Managements for Group Sharing6500Buy Now
47Online Marketing Automation System6500Buy Now
48Internal organization change management System6500Buy Now
49Secure confirmation of sensitive transaction data in modern Internet banking services6500Buy Now
50Privacy security with TPA in cloud computing6500Buy Now
51Company Information Tracking System6500Buy Now
52Online Virtualized screen Processing6500Buy Now
53Web Service for Airline Management6500Buy Now
54Web Social Club6500Buy Now
55Quantum Key Cryptography6500Buy Now
56Patient Data Management Based On Hospital Location6500Buy Now
57Online Software Developer Community6500Buy Now
58Online Developed Software sales6500Buy Now
59Avoid repeated measurements On Genetics Dataset6500Buy Now
60College Lab Maintenance System6500Buy Now
61Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer6500Buy Now
62Web Query Construction and Search on Complex Data6500Buy Now
63Hospital Emergency Data Management6500Buy Now
64Data confidentiality On Health-care Information System6500Buy Now
65Secure Online Trading6500Buy Now
66Fast Real-Time Event Alert Using social Network6500Buy Now
67Secure E-Mail Organizer6500Buy Now
68Web User Service Management System6500Buy Now
69Easy SQL Query for Non-IT Manager6500Buy Now
70Hotels Ranking on Web Personal Evaluation Tool (Web PET)6500Buy Now
71Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Banking6500Buy Now
72Online Company ERP System6500Buy Now
73Constructing E-Tourism6500Buy Now
74Web based Multi Service Ranking System6500Buy Now
75Dynamic Customer Data Hiding in Banking6500Buy Now
76Online Distributed Social Clubs6500Buy Now
77Virtual Shopping with Negative Feedback Reputation Systems6500Buy Now
78Zero-Knowledge Proof System on Outsourcing Cloud Data Integrity6500Buy Now
79Web Service Oriented Query Authentication Technique6500Buy Now
80Web Based Customer Favorite vehicle Search Engine6500Buy Now
81Web Based Book Publishing System6500Buy Now
82Virtual Energy- Based Encryption and Keying6500Buy Now
83Video Fraud Detecting On social Network6500Buy Now
84Video Compression with Data hiding & Data Extraction6500Buy Now
85Vendor Information System for Shipping6500Buy Now
87Universal Smart Card6500Buy Now
88Ultimate Location Information Systems6500Buy Now
89Top K Ranking System6500Buy Now
90Techno Task Manager6500Buy Now
91Supply Chain Management6500Buy Now
92Substitution-Permutation cryptanalysis System6500Buy Now
93Streaming Data Warehouse Updations6500Buy Now
94Step by Step Monitoring for Product Purchasing System6500Buy Now
95Steganography for Data Reading and Writing AVI files6500Buy Now
96SQL TUNER6500Buy Now
97SMS Transaction Security6500Buy Now
98Session Authentication Passwords using Color6500Buy Now
99Service Availability Guarantees on Virtual Economy6500Buy Now
100Server Fraud Detection on Cloud6500Buy Now
101Sentence Based Search on Cloud6500Buy Now
102Semantic Web Search Engines6500Buy Now
103Secured Image communicator6500Buy Now
104Secure smart application on web application6500Buy Now
105Secure Service-Oriented Smartcard systems6500Buy Now
106Secure Pre-paid Recharging System using Quasigroups Cryptographic Algorithm (QCA).6500Buy Now
107Secure Location Identification System6500Buy Now
108Secure and Cloud Based Patient Information Systems6500Buy Now
109Reduce the Password Guessing Attacks using Click Point6500Buy Now
110Recommendation System Based on Graph6500Buy Now
111Quantum Key Cryptography6500Buy Now
112Quality Controller6500Buy Now
113Public Web Status Monitoring System6500Buy Now
114Project Trade Pool6500Buy Now
115Product Marketing Analysis On Public Opinion6500Buy Now
116Predicting Users Behaviors Using Web Mining6500Buy Now
117Personal Health Information on M-Healthcare Emergency6500Buy Now
118Optimum Online Knowledge Base6500Buy Now
119Online Training Program6500Buy Now
120Online Time sensitive queries6500Buy Now
121Online Tag Based Image Retrieval and Effective Management6500Buy Now
122Online Social networks controls using cloud6500Buy Now
123Online Rental System6500Buy Now
124Online product Opinion and Ranking System6500Buy Now
125Online Dynamic form creation for Non-IT Peoples6500Buy Now
126Online Digital Contract Signing in Mistrusted Parities6500Buy Now
127Online Aventure6500Buy Now
128Online Shopping6500Buy Now
129News Ticker Project6500Buy Now
130Net Bank in Recharge6500Buy Now
131Multi User Public Auditing System of Data Storage Security6500Buy Now
132Multi Location Networked Mobile Auto Intimates6500Buy Now
133Modern Distributed Business Applications for Supply Chain Management6500Buy Now
134Market Intelligence Based Public Sentiment Analysis6500Buy Now
135Leave Management System6500Buy Now
136Joint processing of spatial keyword queries6500Buy Now
137Intelligence Missing Items in Shopping Cart6500Buy Now
138Information Leak Detection and Prevention6500Buy Now
139Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer6500Buy Now
140I-Med-Design and Evaluation of the Imed Intelligent Medical Search Engine6500Buy Now
141Human Expertise Search Engine6500Buy Now
142Home appliances online Purchase6500Buy Now
143High Secure Corporate Web Search Engine6500Buy Now
144High Degree Patient Privacy on Secure Data Outsourcing6500Buy Now
145Group Movement Pattern Discovery6500Buy Now
146Graph Based Share Market Data Updating6500Buy Now
147Generic Business Portal6500Buy Now
148Flight Booking Portal6500Buy Now
149Firewall using Packet Filtering6500Buy Now
150Finger Print Identification Techniques from Abrading, Cutting, and Burning Fingers6500Buy Now
151Ethical and Social issues in File sharing system6500Buy Now
152Enterprener Sales Report Management6500Buy Now
153Encyclopedia for Computer Science6500Buy Now
154Employee Based Performance Monitoring and Action Systems6500Buy Now
155Emerging Patient Health Information Exchange System On Cloud6500Buy Now
156Efficient Search on Outsourced data using Cloud6500Buy Now
157Distributed Database Optimization on HealthCare6500Buy Now
158Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) Using Watermarking6500Buy Now
159Detecting Fraud on Vehicle Insurance System6500Buy Now
160Defeating Lazy Servers Database Vs Query Access Assurance6500Buy Now
161Data Processing for Disease-Treatment Relations6500Buy Now
162Data Mining Analysis on EB bill system6500Buy Now
163Data confidential against untrusted servers using attribute-based encryption (ABE)6500Buy Now
164Data Aggregation using SQL clustering6500Buy Now
165Customer Sales Analysis System Based On Purchasing6500Buy Now
166Cryptography on Personal confidential information6500Buy Now
167Cost Based Secure Cloud Data Systems6500Buy Now
168Market Based Analysis for consumer correct decision6500Buy Now
169Construction Company Work Order System6500Buy Now
170Complete Medical Transcription System(Mts)6500Buy Now
171Company Security Reporting System(CSRS)6500Buy Now
172College Result Analysis6500Buy Now
173Cloud Economic Benefit On Scientific Computing6500Buy Now
174Cloud Documents Security Using Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof Prevent6500Buy Now
175Centralized Event Planer across Social Media Sites6500Buy Now
176Call Center Management6500Buy Now
177A Reservation-Based Coordination Protocol for Web Services6500Buy Now
178Building construction and cost estimation6500Buy Now
179Budget Planner6500Buy Now
180In Cloud, Can Scientific Communities Benefit from the Economies of Scale?6500Buy Now
181Automatically identifying query groups on Web Search Engine6500Buy Now
182Auditing Data integrity and data storage using cloud6500Buy Now
183Application layer blocker for preventing on cyber security6500Buy Now
184Advanced One-Click User Web Search Engine6500Buy Now
185Alumini Manager6500Buy Now
186Tools for Non IT Expert Developer6500Buy Now
187Session Management System in It Industry6500Buy Now
188Online Trends Management Service in It Industry6500Buy Now
189New Company Policy Clearance System6500Buy Now
190Recommend To Friend6500Buy Now
191Consultanting About the Foreign Peoples6500Buy Now
192Performance System Analysis In Industry6500Buy Now
193Non It People Performance6500Buy Now
194Agriculture Marketing in Generation6500Buy Now
195Agriculture Assist6500Buy Now
196Railway Management Service6500Buy Now
197Sponsor For Agriculture6500Buy Now
198Play Ground Booking6500Buy Now
199It Park Media6500Buy Now
200Automation Transport Maintance6500Buy Now
201Yell Help For Children6500Buy Now
202Feature in Best Potitical Leader in India6500Buy Now
203Apartment Maintenance6500Buy Now
204Power Consumption Monitoring House Hold Electronic Device6500Buy Now
205Direct Q Less Reservation System in train6500Buy Now
206MAC Sensing Protocol6500Buy Now
207World Wide Cloud Inter Hospital Acess Health Care System6500Buy Now
208Live Doctor6500Buy Now