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Python Web Application

1Book Recommendation System7000Buy Now
2Food Waste Management7000Buy Now
3Hotel Management7000Buy Now
4Cibil Score System7000Buy Now
5Gym Management Application7000Buy Now
6Social Media Sentiment7000Buy Now
7Water Consumption7000Buy Now
8Web community Question and answering7000Buy Now
9Web Scraping7000Buy Now
10Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for Cybersecurity7000Buy Now
11Analysis and Recomand for Organic Health Food 7000Buy Now
12Predicting House Prices Using Linear Regression7000Buy Now
13Event Management System7000Buy Now
14A spam classifier7000Buy Now
15A movie showtime finder7000Buy Now
16Analysis and Predication  on Profitable Web Shopping7000Buy Now
17Insurance7000Buy Now
18AI Cookies7000Buy Now
19Result Management7000Buy Now
20Student Data7000Buy Now
21Text Classification For Newsgroup7000Buy Now
22A forum engine7000Buy Now
23A QA engine7000Buy Now
24A blog engine7000Buy Now