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MBA Projects

SnoMBA FinancePriceMBA MarketingPriceMBA HRPrice
1Investment In Capital Market Religare1000 BUYProduct Promotion Strategy Of HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited)1000 BUYRecruitment & Selection In Reliance Communication1000 BUY
2Comparative Study Of Financial Analysis ICICI Bank1000 BUYMarket Share Analysis Hero Moto Corp1000 BUYTraining & Development At Reliance Money1000 BUY
3Trend Analysis Of Dee-Control & Electric (P) Ltd. & Measures The Strengthen Its Financial Position Dee-Control & Electric (P) Ltd1000 BUYSales Strategy of Reliance 3g Sim’s”1000 BUYComparative Study On Job Satisfaction Of Employees At Big Bazaar & Spencer, Lucknow1000 BUY
4Investment Pattern Of Middle Age Investor In Different Financial Product With Reference To Lucknow City Religare1000 BUYConsumer Behaviour and Sales Promotion of HCL1000 BUYH.R. Operations and Attrition Analysis In Future Group - Big Bazaar1000 BUY
5Acquisition Of Demat And Trading Account For Sharekhan Limited1000 BUYFinding Market Potential and Measuring Customer Satisfaction Level BSNL Services1000 BUYPerformance Appraisal In HAL1000 BUY
6FDI In Retail1000 BUYComparative Study Among Airtel and Other Operators1000 BUYRecruitment and Selection Process At HAL1000 BUY
7Study Of Sectoral Analysis With Respect To Risk And Return Of Various Sector Indices Of Cnx In Portfolio Management1000 BUYCustomer Satisfaction And Sales Analysis of Maruti Suzuki1000 BUYTraining & Development Process At HAL, Lucknow Division1000 BUY
8Indian Stock Market Analysis”1000 BUYA Study Consumer Buying Behaviour At Spencer Hyper1000 BUYEmployee’s Benefits & Services At HAL1000 BUY
9Comparison Between Icici Bank &State Bank Of India1000 BUYCustomer Retention Of Airtel Broad Band In Lko.1000 BUYGrievances and Its Redressal Procedure HAL1000 BUY
10Credit Management” In Addition To (Comparative Analysis Of Credit Recovery Mechanism Of Private Sector & Public Sector Banks In Varanasi1000 BUYCustomer Satisfaction Level In Relation To Broad Band Offered By Airtel1000 BUYRecruitment & Selection Process In Tata Motors Lucknow For Tata Motors1000 BUY
11Different Functions Of Financial Department With A Special Emphasis On Costing” In1000 BUYComparative Study on Customer Retention Of AIRTEL And BSNL Broad Band Services In Lucknow1000 BUYJob Satisfaction Of Employees In Tata Motors1000 BUY
12Working Capital Management In Hcl1000 BUYMarketing Strategy of Bharti Airtel1000 BUYEmployee Engagement in TCS1000 BUY
13Retail Banking Strategies1000 BUYComparative Analysis of Mutual Fund Of HDFC and ICICI For HDFC Amc Ltd.1000 BUYRecruitment And Selection In TCS TATA1000 BUY
14Comparative Study On Credit Management Public Vs Private Banks1000 BUYStudy On Customer Retention of Airtel Broad Band, Lucknow1000 BUYTo The Study of Training and Development of Employees In Volkswagen, Lucknow1000 BUY
15Acquisition Of Demat And Trading Account For Destimoney1000 BUYComparative Analysis of Marketing Efficiency of Reliance GSM and Other Mobile Service Providers in Lucknow1000 BUYStudy on Training & Development Policy Life Insurance Corporation of India1000 BUY
16Investment In Capital Market At Destimoney1000 BUYComparative of Reliance GSM In Lucknow Telecom Industry1000 BUYRecruitment & Selection In Bharti Airtel Services Ltd.1000 BUY
17Investment Behaviour Of Investors In Mutual Funds-A Comparative Study Of Urban And Semi Urban Investors1000 BUYComparative Study of Audi And Mercedes Cars1000 BUYA Brief Study of Welfare Activity Under The Industrial Relation with Respect to Premier Ltd.1000 BUY
18Fundamental Analysis In Hdfc Bank1000 BUYConsumer Promotion and Trade Promotion of Pepsi Soft Drink Company1000 BUYWork Life Integration of Employees In Corporation1000 BUY
19Comparison Of Hdfc Bank With Its Competitors1000 BUYStudy On Training & Development Policy of LIC1000 BUYA Study on Influence of Organizational Culture On Employees Satisfaction In Private Sector Banks: HDFC1000 BUY
20Fundamental Analysis In Banking Sector1000 BUYStudy Of Customer Relationship Management At Big Bazaar1000 BUYA Study of Effect Of Organizational Culture On Employees In HDFC Bank1000 BUY
21Financial Analysis Of Jaiprakash Associates Jp Gproup1000 BUYEffect Of Sales Promotion Strategy On Sale of Food Bazaar (Subsidiary of Big Bazaar) Food Bazaar1000 BUYA Study On Training & Development System of Private Sector Bank With Special Reference HDFC Bank1000 BUY
22Financial Performance Of Hdfc Life Of Last Five Years’1000 BUYTo Study Customer Relationship Management in Retail Sector (Big Bazaar)”1000 BUYJob Satisfaction Among Teaching Professional of B School In Bangalore1000 BUY
23Comparative Analysis Of Stock Brokers In Lucknow Angel Broking1000 BUYTo Analyze The Strategies of Big Bazar and How They Attract Customer1000 BUYJob Satisfaction of Employees of Nimbus School of Technology and Management1000 BUY
24Investment Pattern Of Investors And Their Awareness About Share Market And Commodity Market Angel Broking1000 BUYComparative Analysis of Sony Vs Samsung Products1000 BUYPerformance Appraisal System In BSNL1000 BUY
25Customer Awareness About The Share Trading Religare1000 BUYMarketing Mix Plan And Consumer Feedback For Bajaj Bikes1000 BUYJob Satisfaction of Employees In Nestle1000 BUY
26A Study On Capital Market In India” (With Reference To Religare Securities Limited)1000 BUYSurvey and Brand Analysis of Coca Cola”1000 BUYA Comparative Study of Motivational Level of Employee In Retail Sector1000 BUY
27Risk Perception Regarding Retail Investors In Mutual Fund” (Special Reference With Religare Securities Limited)1000 BUYDistribution Strategy of Pepsi Shukla Sales Ltd.1000 BUYThe Study of The Welfare Schemes and Safety Measures With Reference To BPCL Allahabad1000 BUY
28A Comparative Study Of Equity Diversified Of Mutual Fund1000 BUYMarket Research On PepsiCo Outlet In Lucknow City1000 BUYGrievance Handling In Parag In Lucknow1000 BUY
29Comparative Study Of Mutual Fund Returns And Insurance Returns Of HDFC Bank1000 BUYA Comparative Analysis of Customer Preference For Pepsi and Coca Cola1000 BUYPerformance Appraisal System In Parag1000 BUY
30Evaluation Of Inventory Management At Fmcg Industries In India1000 BUYConsumer Satisfaction with Range of Coca-Cola1000 BUYEffect of Performance Appraisal on The Productivity of Organization With Respect To Reliance Industry Limited Barabanki1000 BUY
31Role Of Commercial Banks (Idbi And Nabard ) In Boosting Agricultural Productivity Through Credit Flow1000 BUYThe Effective Distribution Process of Various Product of Coca Cola1000 BUYRecruitment and Selection In Career Bright Recruiters Pvt. Ltd.1000 BUY
32Analysis Of Investment Behavior Of Salaried Employee W.R.T. Mutual Fund1000 BUYRed-Right Execution Daily The Power of System1000 BUYTraining and Development In Career Bright Recruiters Pvt. Ltd.1000 BUY
33SBI Mutual Funds & Investment Behaviour1000 BUYEffectiveness of Advertisement Among Dealers At Red Fm Lucknow1000 BUYRecruitment And Selection Process In JVL Agro Industries1000 BUY
34Comparative Analysis Of Public Vs Private Bank Regarding With Personal Loan Special Reference Of Hdfc And Sbi Bank1000 BUYDistribution & Development Model In PepsiCo Indra Nager (Lucknow) Area)1000 BUYRecruitment Selection and Payroll Process At Reliance Communications Ltd. Lucknow1000 BUY
35Comparative Analysis Of Mutual Fund At Karvy Stock Broking Limited, Lucknow1000 BUYComparative Analysis Of Production & Market Strategy of Coke & Pepsico1000 BUYRecruitment & Selection at Aviva1000 BUY
36A Critical Study on Financial Performance of ICICI Bank.1000 BUYComparative Study of Parag And Amul Milk1000 BUYStudy to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and selection process in United Housing Co-operative Society Ltd. Lucknow1000 BUY
37Comparison of Loan Procedures of Major Housing Finance Corporation.1000 BUYMarketing Analysis Amul Vs Parag1000 BUYA Study of Changes In Organizational Culture In Public Sector Bank- PNB Bank1000 BUY
38Financial Statement Analysis of ITI.1000 BUYMarket Penetration And Market Potential Of Amul Beverage1000 BUY1000 BUY
39Study of financial position by using the technique of Ratio Analysis.1000 BUYCustomer Acquisition for Airtel Money1000 BUYRecruitment and Licensing Process of Life Insurance Advisors In AXA1000 BUY
40Investment Pattern of Analysis on Financial Products India Infoline Ltd.1000 BUYTechnical Innovation In Telecom Industry And Its Impact On Consumer With Reference Of !Dea Cellular In Lucknow1000 BUYMotivational Analysis At Sahara Hospital At Lucknow1000 BUY
41Financial Analysis of District Co-Operative Bank Ltd Barabanki.1000 BUYThe impact of product on sales focus with income & age group as per R.E.D standards1000 BUYTraining Need Analysis at Sahara India Pariwar1000 BUY
42Comparative Analysis of Services Provided By Edelweiss & Karvy1000 BUYEvaluation of Training In Bank of Baroda1000 BUY
43Comparative Analysis of Mother Dairy1000 BUYAnalysis of Training Effectiveness In Bank of Baroda1000 BUY
44Study of Consumer Satisfaction For Tata Teleservices Limited (Tata Docomo)1000 BUYRecruitment and Selection Process in Narora Atomic Power Station (NAPS), NPCIL1000 BUY
45Analysis of Sale Promotion And Advertising Strategy of Hul1000 BUYHuman Resource Training and Development" At BHEL (Haridwar)1000 BUY
46Customer Relationship Management In Reliance Life Insurance1000 BUY
47Mobile Services Provided By Vodafone1000 BUY
48Customer Satisfaction Level At Vodafone Service Center1000 BUY
49Customer Services Provided By Vodafone1000 BUY
50Analysis of Marketing Strategies of Vodafone With Airtel1000 BUY
51Analysis of Consumer behavior for Vodafone1000 BUY
52Consumer Preferences Towards Sports Brand Adidas1000 BUY
53Distribution Channel For Essar Oil Limited1000 BUY
54A Comparison Study On The Top ‘Three’ Two Wheeler Companies In India1000 BUY
55Sales Promotion On Hyundai1000 BUY
56Consumer Behaviour of Birla Cement1000 BUY
57Consumer Satisfaction of Birla Cement1000 BUY
58Sales Promotion of Birla Cement1000 BUY
59Comparative Advantage of Mutual Funds and Other Investment Options, Perspective with Special Focus On IDFC Mutual Funds1000 BUY
60Pricing Strategy & Marketing Policy of ITI1000 BUY
61Awareness Of Investor About Market And Financial Products1000 BUY
62Financial Consultant of HDFC Life Insurance In Market1000 BUY
63Customer Satisfaction Level Under Home Town1000 BUY
64Role Of Celebrity In Two- Wheeler Industry With Special Reference In Lucknow City1000 BUY
65Inventory Management: Non-Moving Inventory For Sail1000 BUY
66Comparative Analysis Of MTS Survives For MTS1000 BUY
67Comparative Analysis of ULIP & Tax Planning Bajaj Allianz1000 BUY
68Comprehensive Study Of Sales & Distribution Channel In Bajaj Group1000 BUY
69Comparative Analysis of Products By Different Insurance Companies Bajaj Allianz1000 BUY
70Employee Engagement Activity” In Spencer’s.1000 BUY
71Sales & Promotion of Me-Series Laptops In Hcl Infosystem Limited1000 BUY
72Importance of Relationship Marketing In Start-Up Company In Arcs Technology Pvt. Ltd1000 BUY
73Customer Preference Towards Branded Clothes1000 BUY
74The Effective Distribution Process of Various Products “The Live Experience”1000 BUY
75Market Analysis And Distribution Channel At Century Pulp & Paper, Lalkua1000 BUY
76Performance Appraisal System In Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Lucknow1000 BUY
77A Study On Customer Satisfaction On Insurance Products of SBI Life Insurance1000 BUY
78A Detailed Study of Consumer Buying Behaviovr In Pantaloon Retail In Lucknow City.1000 BUY
79Positioning of Parts And Error Rectification Due to Improper Orientation TATA1000 BUY
80The environmental factors responsible for IDBI Bank’s performance (Positively & Negatively)1000 BUY
81The Opportunity of Hul In Rural Market of Barabanki With Special Reference To Surf Excel1000 BUY
82The Opportunity of Hul In Rural Market of Varanasi With Special Reference To Pureit1000 BUY
83Comparative Study Between SBI And ICICI On Customer Satisfaction In Lucknow1000 BUY
84Consumer Preference About Different Sport Brands1000 BUY
85Consumer Perception of Various Promotional Schemes In ‘FMCG’ At Lucknow City1000 BUY
86Brand Positioning Of Sahara Hospital Among Other Tertiary Care Hospitals In Lucknow1000 BUY
87Selling Method of Insurance Industries At Metlife India Insurance Co. Ltd, Lucknow.1000 BUY
88Foreign Institutional Investors’s Investment Preferences In India1000 BUY
89Comparison Of Customer’s Preference For Bajaj Pulsar (Dts-I) And TVS Apache RTR1000 BUY
90Analyzing customer buying behavior for Lenovo product in it retail segment”1000 BUY
91Comparative Analysis of Honda And Maruti Cars1000 BUY
92To ascertain the profile of advisors1000 BUY
93Consumer Buying Behavior Regarding Different Brand Of Mobile Handset with Special Reference to Tata1000 BUY
94Effect on Technology On HR Practices1000 BUY
95An Analysis of Growth Prospect of Rural Marketing for Telecom Operators1000 BUY
96Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies Adopted By Indian Telecom Industry1000 BUY
97Rural Marketing of FMCG Companies In Present And Future1000 BUY
98Retail Banking Strategies1000 BUY
99Analysis of Performance of Air Conditioner With Special Reference To Videocon1000 BUY
100To Visual Display of Dabur Consumer Health Division Product1000 BUY
101A Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction Of Motorcycle With Special Reference To Hero Honda , Bajaj, TVS In Lucknow1000 BUY
102Motivational Analysis At Sahara Hospitalat Lucknow1000 BUY
103To Analyise Employees Engagement Activities At Spencer1000 BUY
104Marketing Strategies For Deal 4u Pvt Ltd(A Multi Business Organization)1000 BUY
105Use Of Website & Web Portal For Small Business Holder & Professional Vision India1000 BUY
106Cheque Bounce Analsyis And New Business Operation Process In Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited.1000 BUY
107Market Competitiveness of Reliance Gsm In Lucknow Telecom Industry1000 BUY
108Comparative Study Between Business Standard And Economic Times In Business Standard1000 BUY
109Comparative Analysis of Cream Bell Ice Cream In Retail With Other Companies1000 BUY
110To Analyse The Marketing Strategies And Consumer Behavior1000 BUY
111A Study of Distribution Stratgies Adopted By Coco Cola For Retailer In Delhi1000 BUY
112Managing of Luxury Brand In Rado Watches1000 BUY
113The Study of The Luxury Brand Market In Armani Brand1000 BUY
114An Analysis of Growth Prospect Of Rural Marketing For Telecom Operators1000 BUY
115Consumer Satisfaction of Kurl-On1000 BUY
116Marketing Survey and Research Kurl-On1000 BUY