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6V DC Water Pump Original Product


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Excellent for Soap or sanitizer dispencer, small fountain, aquarium, diy toys, solar pumping, working voltage range: 3v-6v, lift: 5 inch-20 inc. Magnetic design, no direct connection of motor and impeller, no water leakage from turbine to motor submersible installed, pump should work under fluid surface or high temperature and friction will cause relative loud noise and hurt pump itself.


  • Dc 3v to 6v submersible pump with transparent pipe (15 Inch)
  • Rate Of Flow: 80 – 120L/Hr , Power Consumption: 0.4W To 1.5W
  • Maximum Lift : 15 inch with 3v battery / 30 Inch with 6v battery
  • Continuous use of working life of more than 500 hours
  • Mini Size:Easy to install and remove, small size is for space saving.
  • Wide Applicable: This submersible pump can be used for small size aquarium, Fish tank, Pond, tabletop fountains, water gardens and hydroponic systems.



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