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Automatic Alcohol & Accident Detection Vehicle GSM & GPS Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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This project includes GSM (Sim800C) module, which is connected to Arduino through UART. GPS module connected to Arduino through UART  interface. Alcohol sensor (MQ3) connected to Arduino digital pin. Limit switch (accident detecting sensor) connected to Arduino digital pin. Here assume DC motor as vehicle engine. DC motor controlled by relay. Buzzer interfaced to Arduino digital pin.


Initially vehicle starts by ignition key. After ignition key activates Arduino checks alcohol sensor  and accident sensor (limit sensor). If anyone sensor activates then motor (Engine) will be OFF. If alcohol sensor, accident sensor not activated and ignition key ON then motor (Engine) will be ON. Sensors data will be displayed on LCD. SMS will be sending when any sensor activated. While sending SMS Arduino sends GPS values to track vehicle position.  Buzzer will be ON when any sensor gets activated. When Vehicle is in running mode we can get location by sending request SMS to modem.

  • Microcontroller            :         Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                          :         16 MHz
  • LCD                              :         16X2 LCD
  • GSM                             :         SIM800C
  • GPS                               :         NEO-6M
  • Alcohol Sensor             :         MQ3
  • Accident Sensor           :         Limit Sensor
  • Relay                             :         12V DC Electromagnetic
  • Motor                            :         DC motor 5V
  • Power Source                :         12v 2 amp Adaptor
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Vehicles
  • Transportation
  • Travels Management
  • Public transport
  • We have covered GSM (SIM800C) module interfacing
  • GPS (NEO-6M) module interfacing
  • Sensors like MQ3 and Limit Sensor interfacings

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