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Automatic Bus Fare Collection Using GSM RFID and IOT Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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Three modules like ESP866 (IOT), GPS and RFID interfaced with Arduino UART ports. Two servo motors placed at entry, exit door locations to control entry, exit doors. Two buttons connected to Arduino digital pins for bus start and stop operation. DC motor represents bus model and it will be controlled by l293d driver. L293d interfaced with Arduino digital pins.


Bus will be controlled by two buttons. One buttons is for bus start and another for bus stop. When bus starts then two servo motors closed and bus will be run. When bus stop then two servo motors open. Consider two servos for entry and exit doors. Using RFID cards passengers will be entry and exit. Based on entry and exit Arduino shows number of seats availability on LCD. Based on number of stops crossed passenger fare will be deducted and information will go to IOT server along will location. Using IOT server information, we will know seats availability, ticket fare, location of bus and card balance. This system provides lot of functionalities and brings lot of advancements to passengers.


Microcontroller            :         Arduino Uno

Crystal                          :         16 MHz

LCD                              :         16X2 LCD

IOT Module                  :         ESP8266

GPS Module                 :         NE06

RFID Module                :         EM-18

DC Gear Motor             :         10 R.P.M

H-Bridge                       :         L293D

Servo Motors                :         SG90

Buttons                         :         2 Pin Toggle

H-Bridge                       :         L293D

Power Source                :         12v 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Bus fare collection applications
  • For passenger tracking applications
  • RFID ticketing system
  • We have covered IOT module (ESP8266), GPS module (NE-06) and RFID module (EM-18) interfacing
  • Servo motors and DC gear motor interface

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