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Bluetooth Based Energy Meter Using Android Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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This project includes Bluetooth (HC-05) module, which is connected to Arduino through UART interface. Energy meter pulse taken by LDR sensor through calibration led. LDR signal amplified and given to Arduino digital pin. Energy meters are  non-isolated. So we have to take pulses from energy meter in isolation way. LDR is best source of isolation and there is no electrical connection between controllers to energy meter.


In this project we are going to read pulses of energy meter and according pulses, power consumption units will increment. We have to connect load (AC bulb or other devices) to energy meter. It consumes power and based on power consumes units will increment. For each unit amount will increase. On 16X2 LCD this information will display. Here we have Android Application and it can read units and amount information.

  • Microcontroller            :         Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                            :         16 MHz
  • LCD                                 :         16X2 LCD
  • Bluetooth                       :         HC-05
  • Energy Meter                :         230V AC
  • Pulse Capture               :         LDR
  • Power Source                :         12v 2 amp Adaptor
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Electricity Department
  • Smart Power Meters
  • We have covered Bluetooth (HC-05) module interfacing
  • Energy Meter Interface

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