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Electric Scooter Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project


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The Electric Scooter Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project aims to design, develop, and prototype an advanced electric scooter with a focus on incorporating cutting-edge mechanical engineering principles. The project encompasses various aspects, including structural design, powertrain optimization, energy efficiency, safety features, and user-centric design elements.

Project Objectives:

1. **Optimized Powertrain Design:**
– Investigate and implement an efficient electric motor and battery system for enhanced performance and range.
– Focus on regenerative braking systems to improve energy regeneration during deceleration.

2. **Structural Design and Materials:**
– Employ advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to achieve a lightweight yet sturdy frame.
– Conduct structural analysis to ensure optimal strength and durability.

3. **User-Centric Design:**
– Integrate ergonomic features for rider comfort and convenience.
– Design an intuitive control interface for ease of use.

4. **Safety Features:**
– Implement advanced safety mechanisms, such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and smart lighting.
– Explore innovative solutions for collision detection and avoidance.

5. **Smart Connectivity:**
– Incorporate IoT (Internet of Things) elements for remote monitoring, GPS tracking, and smart diagnostics.
– Develop a user-friendly mobile application for seamless integration with the electric scooter.

6. **Energy Management System:**
– Research and implement an intelligent energy management system for optimal battery usage.
– Explore solar or kinetic energy harvesting solutions to enhance overall sustainability.


7. **Prototype Development:**
– Build a functional prototype of the electric scooter based on the finalized design.
– Conduct rigorous testing to validate performance, safety, and user satisfaction.

8. **Environmental Sustainability:**
– Explore eco-friendly materials and production processes to minimize the environmental footprint.
– Assess the scooter’s life cycle impact and propose sustainable end-of-life solutions.

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