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Faulty Product Separator Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project


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Project Objectives:

  1. Automated Inspection: Design a robust automated inspection system capable of identifying faulty products based on predetermined criteria, such as visual defects, dimensional inaccuracies, or other quality parameters.
  2. Mechanical Sorting Mechanism: Develop a mechanical sorting mechanism that efficiently separates the identified faulty products from the production line while maintaining the flow of non-defective products.
  3. Sensor Integration: Incorporate sensors, such as vision systems, cameras, or other sensing technologies, to enable accurate and quick detection of faulty products.
  4. Control System: Implement a control system that interprets data from the sensors, triggers the sorting mechanism, and ensures seamless integration with the existing manufacturing line.
  5. User Interface: Create a user-friendly interface for operators to monitor the system, adjust parameters, and receive real-time feedback on the production process.
  6. Efficiency Improvement: Optimize the faulty product separator to enhance the overall efficiency of the manufacturing line by minimizing downtime associated with manual quality control.
  7. Testing and Validation: Conduct thorough testing under various manufacturing scenarios to validate the reliability and accuracy of the faulty product separator

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