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Human Weight Measurement with load cell RFID and IOT Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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RFID module (EM-18) interfaced with Arduino uart port. 180kg range load cell interfaced with Arduino through HX711 driver. IOT module (ESP8266) connected with Arduino second uart port. Buzzer connected to Arduino digital pins.


Each RFID card assign to person, when we swipe card then it shows person details like name and age. This information already we kept in Arduino firmware. After swiping RFID card, Arduino wait 10 secs to calculate weight of human. In this span of 10 sec, person has to stand on load cell. After successful measuring weight buzzer will be ON and weight information will update to IOT server. Also, all this operation information displaying on 16×2 LCD display. We can monitor each person weight in IOT server from remote location. Also data will be stored in IOT server with date and time.


Microcontroller            :         Arduino Uno

Crystal                          :         16 MHz

LCD                              :         16X2 LCD

IOT Module                 :          ESP8266

RFID Module                :         EM-18

Load cell                       :         180kg Resistance Type

Load cell Driver           :         HX711

Buzzer                           :         DC 5V

Power Source                :         12v 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Weight Measuring Applications
  • HX711 and Load cell Applications
  • Patient Health Monitoring
  • Human Body Weight Measuring Application
  • We have covered IOT module (ESP8266) and RFID module (EM-18) interfacing
  • Load Cell and HX711

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