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IOT Based car parking System Electronics engineering final year project


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Here three IR sensors placed at parking slots to identify vehicle parked or not. One more IR sensor placed at entry path and Other IR placed at exit path. When car enters from entry side Arduino checks for vehicle parking status. If anyone slot empty then entry gate will be open. If no slot empty then entry gate will not open. While Leaving from slot gate will be open by triggering exit IR sensor. Slots parking status will be displayed on LCD continuously. WIFI (ESP8266/IOT) module sends parking information to IOT server when any car come near to entry sensor. User can see data in IOT server from anywhere.


Microcontroller            :         Arduino Uno

Crystal                            :         16 MHz

LCD                                 :         16X2 LCD

WIFI                               :         Esp8266 (IOT module)

H-Bridge                        :         L293d

DC gear motor              :         100 r.p.m

IR sensor                       :         5v DC

Buzzer                            :         5v DC

Power Source               :         12v 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Parking management
  • Shopping malls
  • Movie theatres
  • We have covered WIFI (ESP8266/IOT) module interfacing
  • L293d for motor controls
  • Digital IR sensors

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