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IOT BASED SMART Cradle for Baby monitoring Electronics engineering final year project


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IOT module (ESP8266) interfaced with Arduino UART port. DHT11, MIC sensor, MEMS sensor, Moisture sensor and servo motor interfaced with Arduino digital pins.


Arduino is main heart of this project and it will read all sensors and control cradle swinging. When Baby cries then MIC sensor identify and gives signal to Arduino. Arduino send PWM pulses to servo motor to swing cradle. MEMS sensors attached to baby to monitor moments of baby. When baby moves fan will be ON. If baby urinates then buzzer will be ON. Arduino reads all sensors data and displaying on LCD. Also, it sends sensors data to IOT cloud server through ESP8266. We can monitor baby conditions when baby is in cradle from remote server.


Microcontroller            :         Arduino Uno

Crystal                          :         16 MHz

LCD                              :         16X2 LCD

Temperature Sensor     :         DHT11

Humidity Sensor          :         DHT11

Sound Sensor                :         MIC sensor

IOT Module                  :         ESP8266

Wet Detection Sensor   :       Moisture sensor

Baby Moment Sensor   :         MEMS Sensor

Fan                               :         12V DC Fan

DC Gear Motor             :         10 R.P.M

H-Bridge                       :         L293D

Buzzer                           :         5V DC

Power Source                :         12V 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • IOT based cradle
  • Electronic cradle
  • Smart cradle
  • Baby monitoring system
  • We have covered Arduino and IOT (ESP8266) module interface.
  • DHT11, MIC sensor (Sound sensor), wet detection sensor, MEMS sensor and DC gear motor interface

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