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LIFI Based Electrical Appliances control Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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LIFI module connected to Arduino microcontroller UART port.  Here there are two sections. One is transmitter, which has Arduino, LIFI module and two buttons. Two buttons connected to Arduino digital pins.  Second section is receiver, which has Arduino, LIFI module and bulb, fan. Bulb and Fan are controlled by two relays. Relays controlled by Arduino digital pins.


Transmitter side LIFI module has LED lights to send commands while pressing buttons. Receiver side LIFI module has solar panel to receive commands to control loads. Loads status information will be displaying on LCD display. By pressing buttons fan and bulb will be control. For first press it takes ON command and for second press it take OFF command. Here Data will be converted into light then transmitted through LEDs  and received by solar panel then amplified through LIFI module.

  • Microcontroller          :           Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                         :           16 MHz
  • LCD                              :           16X2 LCD
  • LIFI Module               :           UART based LIFI module
  • Relay                           :           12V DC Electromagnetic type
  • Bulb                            :           230V AC
  • Fan                              :           DC 12V
  • Power Source            :           12v 1 amp DC battery
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Home automation
  • Wireless communication
  • We have covered LIFI module interfacing
  • Relays and loads

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