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Music operated dancing LEDs Using NPN Transistor BC547


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  1. Microphone Module:
    • An electret microphone module captures sound and converts it into an electrical signal.
  2. NPN Transistor (BC547):
    • The NPN transistor is used as a switch. When a varying voltage is applied to its base (coming from the microphone module), it modulates the current flowing from the collector to the emitter.
  3. LEDs:
    • Multiple LEDs are connected in a visually appealing arrangement. The LEDs will light up in response to the modulated signal from the transistor.
  4. Resistors (R1, R2):
    • Current-limiting resistors (R1) are connected in series with each LED. Another resistor (R2) is connected between the base of the transistor and the positive voltage rail.

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