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Smart street light Using NPN Transistor BC547


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  • Light-Dependent Resistor (LDR):
    • The LDR is used to detect ambient light levels. Its resistance changes with light intensity, providing a variable voltage to the base of the NPN transistor.
  • NPN Transistor (BC547):
    • The NPN transistor is used as a switch. When the ambient light decreases (during the evening or night), the resistance of the LDR increases, changing the biasing of the transistor.
  • Resistor (R1):
    • A resistor is connected between the base of the NPN transistor and the positive voltage rail. This resistor is used for biasing the transistor.
  • Relay Module:
    • A relay module is used to control the streetlight or LED module. The NPN transistor activates the relay, allowing it to switch the streetlight on and off


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