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Smart Traffic Control With Ambulance System Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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Bluetooth module (HC-05) Connected to Arduino serial port and can communicate through mobile application. Red, Green, Orange color LEDs connected to Arduino digital pins. Four IR sensors connected to Arduino digital pins to detect Vehicles density.


In this project, there are four road junction traffic lights. Each road has red, green, orange leds to regulate traffic of vehicles. Each IR sensor detects density of vehicles in particular road. When high density will come then green led will be ON to that road. Also we can control traffic lights priority from Bluetooth app which is in ambulance.

  • Microcontroller             :         Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                             :         16 MHz
  • Bluetooth                        :         HC-05
  • LEDs                                :        5mm red, green and orange/yellow led
  • Vehicle Density Sensor:         IR DC 5V
  • Power Source                 :         12v 2 amp  Adaptor
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Ambulance Detection system
  • Bluetooth traffic system
  • Smart traffic control with Ambulance
  • Traffic lights with Vehicle density
  • We have covered Bluetooth (HC-05) module interfacing
  • IR sensors and 5mm red led, green led and yellow/orange led

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