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solder wire 50gm good quality


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  • Perfect for hobbyists , DIY Projevcts , Students , Engineers , Repairing Works, High quality electronically solder: great and brilliant welding joint while 90 percent lesser slag and smoke, fits various kinds of soldering iron.
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  • Product Name:Fluxed Rosin Core Solder Wire
    ▲ Parameters: Tin 63% Lead 37% (Sn63-Pb37)
    ▲ Flux Content: 1.8%
    ▲ Melting Point:Soldering Wire 361F/183C,0.6mm(0.0236inches)
    ▲ Soldering Wire Reel
    ▲ Package: 1 pc  50 gram Solder Wire Spool
    ▲ Special Features: Perfect soldering capability, Lower melting point, Soldering Flows more smoothly, much stronger soldering point,easier to use


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