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Voltage multiplier using IC 555 timer


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Circuit Description:

  1. IC 555 Timer (Astable Mode):
    • The 555 timer is configured in astable mode to generate an oscillating signal at its output (Pin 3).
  2. Diodes (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5):
    • The diodes form a voltage rectifier and multiplier circuit. They allow the positive part of the oscillating signal to pass while blocking the negative part.
  3. Capacitors (C1, C2):
    • C1 and C2 are smoothing capacitors. They help reduce ripple in the output voltage.
  4. Resistors (R1, R2):
    • R1 and R2 set the frequency of the 555 timer’s astable oscillator. Adjusting these resistor values can control the frequency of the oscillating signal.
  5. Inductor (L1):
    • The inductor helps smooth out the output voltage by filtering out high-frequency components.
  6. Zener Diode (Optional):
    • A Zener diode can be added for voltage regulation, especially if a specific regulated output voltage is desired.

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