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wireless power transfer using IC555


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Circuit Design:

Transmitter Circuit:

  1. 555 Timer Astable Mode:
    • Connect the 555 timer in astable mode.
    • Connect the VCC pin (pin 8) to the positive supply voltage (e.g., 9V).
    • Connect the GND pin (pin 1) to the ground (0V).
    • Connect the Trigger (pin 2) and Threshold (pin 6) pins together.
    • Connect a resistor (e.g., 10kΩ) between the Trigger/Threshold pins and the Discharge (pin 7) pin.
    • Connect a capacitor (e.g., 10μF) from the junction of the Trigger/Threshold pins to the ground.
  2. Transistor Driver:
    • Connect the Output (pin 3) of the 555 timer to the base of an NPN transistor (e.g., 2N3904).
    • Connect the emitter of the transistor to the ground.
    • Connect the collector of the transistor to the resonant coil of the transmitter.
  3. LED Indicator (optional):
    • Connect an LED with a current-limiting resistor (e.g., 330Ω) from the collector of the transistor to the ground for visual indication.

Receiver Circuit:

  1. Coil and Diode:
    • Place a resonant coil at the receiver side.
    • Connect a diode (e.g., 1N4148) in series with the coil.
  2. Filtering Capacitor:
    • Connect a capacitor (e.g., 100nF) in parallel with the diode.
  3. Load (Optional):
    • Connect a load (e.g., an LED with a current-limiting resistor) across the capacitor to demonstrate the wireless power transfer.

Working Principle:

  • The transmitter circuit generates an oscillating signal using the 555 timer in astable mode.
  • The transistor amplifies the signal and drives the resonant coil, creating a magnetic field.
  • The resonant coil at the receiver captures the magnetic field, and the diode rectifies the induced current.
  • The filtering capacitor smoothens the rectified waveform, and the load (optional) utilizes the wireless power transferred.


  • Experiment with resistor and capacitor values to adjust the frequency of the oscillating signal.
  • Optimize the coil design for efficient power transfer.
  • Adjust the distance and alignment between the transmitter and receiver for optimal performance.

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