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Yellow LED 5mm

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A Yellow LED (Light Emitting Diode) with a 5mm diameter is a semiconductor device that emits yellow light when a current passes through it. Here’s a general description:

1. **Type of LED:**
– Yellow LED, emitting light in the yellow part of the spectrum.

2. **Size:**
– 5mm in diameter, which is a common size for standard through-hole LEDs.

3. **Color Emission:**
– Emits a yellow light when powered.

4. **Voltage Rating:**
– Operates typically at a forward voltage around 2.0 – 2.2 volts, but it’s essential to check the specifications for the specific LED.

5. **Current Rating:**
– Requires a specific forward current, usually in the range of 5-20 mA.

6. **Brightness:**
– The brightness of the LED is influenced by the current passing through it, and it’s measured in millicandelas (mcd) or lumens (lm).

7. **Viewing Angle:**
– The viewing angle of the LED indicates the angular range over which the emitted light is visible. It’s often around 30-60 degrees for standard LEDs.

8. **Wavelength:**
– The wavelength of the emitted yellow light is typically around 585-595 nanometers.

9. **Lens Type:**
– The LED may have a clear or diffused lens, affecting the dispersion of light.

10. **Polarity:**
– LEDs are polarized components, meaning they have a positive and negative lead. It’s crucial to connect them in the correct orientation.

11. **Applications:**
– Yellow LEDs are used in various applications, including indicator lights, display panels, signage, and DIY electronics projects.

12. **Longevity:**
– LEDs are known for their long lifespan, typically tens of thousands of hours.

13. **Environmentally Friendly:**
– LEDs are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, as they do not contain hazardous materials like some traditional lighting sources.

14. **Operating Temperature:**
– LEDs have a specified operating temperature range, and they may perform optimally within certain temperature limits.

15. **Compatibility:**
– Can be used with resistors and other components in electronic circuits to control the current and voltage.

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