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1CLOUD COMPUTINGV-Matrix-Based Scalable Data Aggregation Scheme in WSN7000Buy Now
2CLOUD COMPUTINGDynamic Demand Prediction and Allocation in Cloud Service Brokerage7000Buy Now
3CLOUD COMPUTINGTowards AI-Powered Multiple Cloud Management7000Buy Now
4CLOUD COMPUTINGA Fog-centric Secure Cloud Storage Scheme7000Buy Now
5CLOUD COMPUTINGA New Encrypted Data Switching Protocol: Bridging IBE and ABE Without Loss of Data Confidentiality7000Buy Now
6CLOUD COMPUTINGAn Attribute-Based Controlled Collaborative Access Control Scheme for Public Cloud Storage7000Buy Now
7CLOUD COMPUTINGCHARON: A Secure Cloud-of-Clouds System for Storing and Sharing Big Data7000Buy Now
8CLOUD COMPUTINGCrypt-DAC: Cryptographically Enforced Dynamic Access Control in the Cloud7000Buy Now
9CLOUD COMPUTINGDesign of Secure Authenticated Key Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Environments7000Buy Now
10CLOUD COMPUTINGFast Boolean Queries With Minimized Leakage for Encrypted Databases in Cloud Computing7000Buy Now
11CLOUD COMPUTINGFS-PEKS: Lattice-based Forward Secure Public-key Encryption with Keyword Search for Cloud-assisted Industrial Internet of Things7000Buy Now
12CLOUD COMPUTINGSecure Data Group Sharing and Conditional Dissemination with Multi-Owner in Cloud Computing7000Buy Now
13CLOUD COMPUTINGThe Soft Underbelly of Cloud Security7000Buy Now
14CLOUD COMPUTINGVerifiable and Multi-Keyword Searchable Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme for Cloud Storage7000Buy Now
15CLOUD COMPUTINGSecure and Sustainable Load Balancing of Edge Data Centers in Fog Computing7000Buy Now
16CLOUD COMPUTINGAn Approach to Balance Maintenance Costs and Electricity Consumption in Cloud Data Centers7000Buy Now
17CLOUD COMPUTINGA Key-Policy Attribute-Based Temporary Keyword Search scheme for Secure Cloud Storage7000Buy Now
18CLOUD COMPUTINGEfficient Traceable Authorization Search System for Secure Cloud Storage7000Buy Now
19CLOUD COMPUTINGCLASS: Cloud Log Assuring Soundness and Secrecy Scheme for Cloud Forensics7000Buy Now
20CLOUD COMPUTINGIntegrated Authentication and Key Agreement Framework for Vehicular Cloud Computing7000Buy Now
21CLOUD COMPUTINGTowards Shared Ownership in the Cloud7000Buy Now
22CLOUD COMPUTINGProvably secure and lightweight identity-based authenticated data sharing protocol for cyber-physical cloud environment7000Buy Now
23CLOUD COMPUTINGHealthDep: An Efficient and Secure Deduplication Scheme for Cloud-Assisted eHealth Systems7000Buy Now
24DATA MININGDiscovering Canonical Correlations between Topical and Topological Information in Document Networks7000Buy Now
25DATA MININGEmotion Recognition on Twitter: Comparative Study and Training a Unison Model7000Buy Now
26DATA MININGComments Mining With TF-IDF: The Inherent Bias and Its Removal7000Buy Now
27DATA MININGComplementary Aspect-based Opinion Mining7000Buy Now
28DATA MININGOpinion_Aspect Relations in Cognizing Customer Feelings via Reviews7000Buy Now
29DATA MININGProfit Maximization for Viral Marketing in Online Social Networks: Algorithms and Analysis7000Buy Now
30DATA MININGScalable Content-Aware Collaborative Filtering for Location Recommendation7000Buy Now
31DATA MININGA Two-Phase Algorithm for Differentially Private Frequent Subgraph Mining7000Buy Now
32DATA MININGThe Impact of Raw Materials Price Volatility on Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for Product Manufacturing7000Buy Now
33DATA MININGWeb Media and Stock Markets : A Survey and Future Directions from a Big Data Perspective7000Buy Now
34DATA MININGAutomated Phrase Mining from Massive Text Corpora7000Buy Now
35DATA MININGFrequent Itemsets Mining with Differential Privacy over Large-scale Data7000Buy Now
36DATA MININGHighlighter: automatic highlighting of electronic learning documents7000Buy Now
37DATA MININGA Two-stage Biomedical Event Trigger Detection Method Integrating Feature Selection and Word Embeddings7000Buy Now
38DATA MININGA Weighted Frequent Itemset MiningAlgorithm for Intelligent Decisionin Smart Systems7000Buy Now
39DATA MININGAn Efficient Method for High Quality andCohesive Topical Phrase Mining7000Buy Now
40DATA MININGCollective List-Only Entity Linking:A Graph-Based Approach7000Buy Now
41DATA MININGEntity Linking: A Problem to Extract Corresponding Entity with Knowledge Base7000Buy Now
42DATA MININGImproving Instance Selection Methods For Big DataClassification7000Buy Now
43DATA MININGA Novel Load Image Profile-Based Electricity Load Clustering Methodology7000Buy Now
44DATA MININGNASM: Nonlinearly Attentive Similarity Model for Recommendation System via Locally Attentive Embedding7000Buy Now
45DATA MININGNetwork Representation Learning Enhanced Recommendation Algorithm7000Buy Now
46DATA MININGDCCR: Deep Collaborative Conjunctive Recommender for Rating Prediction7000Buy Now
47DATA MININGMotion Based Inference of Social Circles via Self-Attention and Contextualized Embedding7000Buy Now
48DATA MININGComposition Context-Based Web Services Similarity Measure7000Buy Now
49DATA MININGNeural Binary Representation Learning for Large-Scale Collaborative Filtering7000Buy Now
50DATA MININGClustering-Based Collaborative Filtering Using an Incentivized/Penalized User Model7000Buy Now
51DATA MININGA Hierarchical Attention Model for Social Contextual Image Recommendation7000Buy Now
52DATA MININGVisualizing Three-Dimensional Ocean Eddies in Web Browsers7000Buy Now
53DATA MININGA Query-based Framework for Searching, Sorting, and Exploring Data Ensembles7000Buy Now
54DATA MININGBD2K Training Coordinating Center's ERuDIte: the Educational Resource Discovery Index for Data Science7000Buy Now
55DATA MININGA Particle Swarm Optimized Learning Model of Fault Classification in Web-Apps7000Buy Now
56DATA MININGMining Users Trust From E-Commerce Reviews Based on Sentiment Similarity Analysis7000Buy Now
57DATA MININGOld and Young Users’ White Space Preferences for Online News Web Pages7000Buy Now
58DATA MININGA Generalized Locally Linear Factorization Machine with Supervised Variational Encoding7000Buy Now
59DATA MININGAnalysis and Accurate Prediction of User’s Response Behavior in Incentive-Based Demand Response7000Buy Now
60SECURE COMPUTINGTraffic Analysis Attack for Identifying Users’ Online Activities7000Buy Now
61SECURE COMPUTINGCoverless Information Hiding Method Based on Web Text7000Buy Now
62SECURE COMPUTINGLBOA: Location-Based Secure Outsourced Aggregation in IoT7000Buy Now
63SECURE COMPUTINGLooking Back! Using Early Versions of Android Apps as Attack Vectors7000Buy Now
64SECURE COMPUTINGTowards Thwarting Template Side-channel Attacks in Secure Cloud Deduplications7000Buy Now
65SECURE COMPUTINGCloud Centric Authentication for Wearable Healthcare Monitoring System7000Buy Now
66BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYPBCert: Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-Based Certificate Status Validation Toward Mass Storage Management7000Buy Now
67BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYBlockchain for AI: Review and Open Research Challenges7000Buy Now
68BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYBlockchain-Based Public Integrity Verification for Cloud Storage against Procrastinating Auditors7000Buy Now
69PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCETowards Efficient U-Nets: A Coupled and Quantized Approach7000Buy Now
70BIG DATAComparison of Swam Intelligence Clustering Algorithms for Analysis of Big Data in Healthcare7000Buy Now
71BIG DATAEffective and Efficient Content Redundancy Detection of Web Videos7000Buy Now
72BIG DATAIncorporating Data Context to Cost-Effectively Automate End-to-End Data Wrangling7000Buy Now
73BIG DATASentiment Analysis of Comment Texts Based on BiLSTM7000Buy Now
74BIG DATAData Interpolation and Reconstruction7000Buy Now
75BIG DATABig Data and Collaboration Research7000Buy Now
76BIG DATALarge-Margin Regularized Softmax Cross-Entropy Loss7000Buy Now
77INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT)Application of Internet of Things and Blockchain Technologies to Improve Accounting Information Quality7000Buy Now
78INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT)Approximate Data Aggregation in Sensor Equipped IoT Networks7000Buy Now
79INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT)Deep Reinforcement Learning for Online Computation Offloading in Wireless Powered Mobile-Edge Computing Networks7000Buy Now
80INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT)Design and Development of IoT Based Smart Aquaculture System in a Cloud Environment7000Buy Now
81INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT)Maximizing Sleeping Capacity Based on QoS Provision for Information-Centric Internet of Things7000Buy Now
82INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT)Review of Standard Ontologies for the Web of Things7000Buy Now
83PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCETowards Efficient U-Nets: A Coupled and Quantized Approach7000Buy Now
84SOCIAL NETWORK,IMAGE PROCESSINGA Hybrid Approach to Service Recommendation Based on Network Representation Learning7000Buy Now
85SOCIAL NETWORK,IMAGE PROCESSINGSocial Network Rumor Diffusion Predication Based on Equal Responsibility Game Model7000Buy Now
86SOFTWARE ENGINEERING,SERVICE COMPUTINGPlatform-Independent Dynamic Taint Analysis for JavaScript7000Buy Now
87SOFTWARE ENGINEERING,SERVICE COMPUTINGScheduling Real Time Security Aware tasks in Fog Networks7000Buy Now
88FUZZY SYSTEM,INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICSEpistasis Analysis Using an Improved Fuzzy C-means-based Entropy Approach7000Buy Now
89FUZZY SYSTEM,INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICSIntelligent Security Planning for Regional Distributed Energy Internet7000Buy Now
90FUZZY SYSTEM,INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICSFuzzy Bag-of-Words Model for Document Representation7000Buy Now
91FUZZY SYSTEM,INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICSEfficient kNN Classification With Different Numbers of Nearest Neighbors7000Buy Now
92CYBERSECURITYA Network Coding and DES Based Dynamic Encryption Scheme for Moving Target Defense7000Buy Now
93CYBERSECURITYA Practical Public Key Encryption Scheme Based on Learning Parity with Noise7000Buy Now
94CYBERSECURITYClustering by Local Gravitation7000Buy Now
95CYBERSECURITYCredit card fraud detection using AdaBoost and majority voting7000Buy Now
96CYBERSECURITYFraudFind: Financial Fraud Detection by Analyzing Human Behavior7000Buy Now
97MOBILE COMPUTINGTraffic-Aware Efficient Mapping of Wireless Body Area Networks to Health Cloud Service Providers in Critical Emergency Situations7000Buy Now
98FUZZY SYSTEMS,MACHINE LEARNINGBayesian Nonparametric Learning for Hierarchical and Sparse Topics7000Buy Now
99SOCIAL NETWORKAnalyzing and Detecting Money-Laundering Accounts in Online Social Networks7000Buy Now