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Java Application Project

SnoProject TitelCost
1Modern Finger Print Voting System7000Buy Now
2Cricket Stadium Seat Booking7000Buy Now
3Car Care Management System7000Buy Now
4International Plant Import and Export7000Buy Now
5Election Commission Management7000Buy Now
6Online Painting Auction7000Buy Now
7Self Driving Car7000Buy Now
8Reality Show Ticket Booking System7000Buy Now
9Online Broadway Motel Food Ordering sYSTEM7000Buy Now
10Fashion Modelling7000Buy Now
11Women's Selfhelp Group7000Buy Now
12Homeopathy Health Record7000Buy Now
13Consumer Legal Advicer7000Buy Now
14Raw Requried Online Medicine7000Buy Now
15Medical Record Authenticationc7000Buy Now
16Rural Area Educational Trouble Shooter7000Buy Now
17Students Skills With Modern Industries7000Buy Now
18College Placement And College Event7000Buy Now
19Old In Gold7000Buy Now
20I School7000Buy Now
21Advertising in E-Book7000Buy Now
22Job fair section process7000Buy Now
23Off-Campus Result Management7000Buy Now
24Cloud Storage Public Digital Certificate7000Buy Now
25Corporate Event Organisation7000Buy Now
26Engnering Lab Maintenance7000Buy Now
27Select Your Age(Business Motivation all age group)7000Buy Now
28Software Requirements Analysis for Client Side7000Buy Now
29ERP System (Enterprint Resource Plan7000Buy Now
30Advanced Banking System7000Buy Now
31Economic Usage of Solar Energy7000Buy Now
32Economic Usage of Solar Energy7000Buy Now
33Gps Consumers Complients7000Buy Now
34Online Softskills Tracks7000Buy Now
35Online Buy And Sale Software7000Buy Now
36Budget Home Design7000Buy Now
37Online Product Exchange7000Buy Now
38Jewellery Management7000Buy Now
39Finger Print Base on Shopping Cart7000Buy Now
40Moderate Robatics System with Public Opinion7000Buy Now
41Online overview of skills really used in jobs7000Buy Now
42Land Bank for Nursery7000Buy Now
43Developing Rural Economy7000Buy Now
44ECOPS - Electronics Police Record Management System7000Buy Now
45Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining7000Buy Now
46Monitoring Suspicious Discussions on Online Forums Using Data Mining7000Buy Now
48e-Fraud Prevention based on the Self- Authentication of e-Documents7000Buy Now
49Hope Center7000Buy Now
50Exam crazy7000Buy Now
53Speed Racing7000Buy Now
54ROADSTER7000Buy Now
55META CAFÉ7000Buy Now
57Management System in Metro Train7000Buy Now
58Plant Shopping on Web7000Buy Now
59Reporting Online Media News Systems7000Buy Now
60Informative Content Extraction7000Buy Now
61E-commerce Complaint Management System7000Buy Now
62Modern Agriculture Development System7000Buy Now
63Loan Online Application7000Buy Now
64Rural Community Development7000Buy Now
65LOVE AND CARE7000Buy Now
66GREEN PLANT7000Buy Now
67Advance Couier Service7000Buy Now
68Community Awarness7000Buy Now
69E_Music7000Buy Now
70Staff Management System7000Buy Now
71E-TENDERING7000Buy Now
72Hotel Management7000Buy Now
73Crime File Management System7000Buy Now
74Cloud Cyber Attack7000Buy Now
75Cloud Cost Management for Customer Sensitive Data7000Buy Now
76Advance Web based Multimedia Answer Generation7000Buy Now
77Commaunity Awareness7000Buy Now
78E-Commerce Complaints7000Buy Now
79Modern Agriculture Development System7000Buy Now
80Plant Shopping on Web7000Buy Now
82Management System in Metro Train7000Buy Now
83Plant Shopping on Web7000Buy Now
84Reporting Online Media News Systems7000Buy Now
85Informative Content Extraction7000Buy Now
86E-commerce Complaint Management System7000Buy Now
87Modern Agriculture Development System7000Buy Now
88Online Digital Library7000Buy Now
89Geo Base Services7000Buy Now
90Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department7000Buy Now
91Citizen Opinions vs Government Policies7000Buy Now
92Protecting Used Data Privacy for Attackers7000Buy Now
93Web Hospital Management7000Buy Now
94Easy SQL Query for Non-IT Manager7000Buy Now
95Online Shopping with Fraud detection7000Buy Now
96Efficient Spatial Query Processing7000Buy Now
97Cryptographic Key Exchange Authentication7000Buy Now
98Online Global Information Service Center7000Buy Now
99Contracts Business Events Management7000Buy Now
100Online Secure image Social Networks7000Buy Now
101Outsourcing of Online Image Reconstruction7000Buy Now
102Trust based Profile Matching Secure Social Network7000Buy Now
103Secure and Distance based Online Social Network (OSN)7000Buy Now
104Efficient Online Image Retrieval System7000Buy Now
105Data Sharing In Cloud Storage by Using Key-Aggregate7000Buy Now
106Multicast Key Management for Cloud7000Buy Now
107Face-to-face contact on Mobile Social Networks7000Buy Now
108Discovering the Gap between Web Site Designers' Expectations and Users' Behavior7000Buy Now
109Dynamically Growing Online Survey for Behavioral Outcomes7000Buy Now
110Advance Web based Multimedia Answer Generation7000Buy Now
111College Result Analysis with Horizontally Distributed Databases7000Buy Now
112Feedback Decision Support for mHealth monitoring7000Buy Now
113Exchange Secrete Key for Data Producers and Consumers7000Buy Now
114Efficient Information Retrieval Using Ranked Query (EIRQ)7000Buy Now
116Web Hosting On Cloud7000Buy Now
117Web Usage Mining : A Survey on Pattern Extraction from Web Logs7000Buy Now
118Web Server Security with Web Client Management System7000Buy Now
119Web Parser on Sequence Alignment Techniques7000Buy Now
120Web Page re-Ranking System for Library7000Buy Now
121Web Eye7000Buy Now
122Voting System for Web Library7000Buy Now
124Unique Web Resources Utilization Monitoring System7000Buy Now
125Transport Management System7000Buy Now
126Pre-paid Recharging System on Banking7000Buy Now
127Tollgate Management7000Buy Now
128Time To Time Stock Market Updater and Monitoring System7000Buy Now
129Sql Tuner7000Buy Now
131SMS Based Mobile Banking with Security7000Buy Now
132SmsTopup7000Buy Now
133Vendor Information System For Shipping7000Buy Now
134Sequential Anomaly Detection from User Behaviour7000Buy Now
135Secure SMS Transaction System on banking7000Buy Now
136Secure Online Documents Management System in Cloud7000Buy Now
137Secure File Uploading Server with Advance Protecting System7000Buy Now
138Secure File Monitoring System on Cloud7000Buy Now
139Relational Logic Search Engine On Healthcare7000Buy Now
140Recommendation System Based On Web Usage Mining and Semantic Web A Survey7000Buy Now
141Quick Customer decision support on Web Sales Portal7000Buy Now
142Query Response System for File Management7000Buy Now
143Quality Visualization on Web TV7000Buy Now
144Project Work Tracking System7000Buy Now
145Product Market Manipulations on Asian stock market7000Buy Now
146Predicting Top Company Share Based on High Utility Data7000Buy Now
147Automation of Analysis and Development Management7000Buy Now
148Pharmacy Information System7000Buy Now
149Personalize Your News on Web7000Buy Now
150Online University7000Buy Now
151Online tagging for multimedia content7000Buy Now
152Online Search Ranking On Multiple Domain7000Buy Now
153Online Rental House Web Portal7000Buy Now
154Online Recruitment System7000Buy Now
155Online Real Estate Property Management7000Buy Now
156Online Multi Type Documents Search Engine7000Buy Now
158Online Jewelry Management7000Buy Now
159Online Index Recommendations For High-Dimensional Databases Using Query Workloads7000Buy Now
160Online Examination System7000Buy Now
161Online Ensemble Learning Approach7000Buy Now
162Online Banking With Fraud Detecting7000Buy Now
163Online Auction Bit7000Buy Now
165Nutraceuticals Management System7000Buy Now
166Nearest Shopping Location Identification Systems7000Buy Now
167Multilevel Images Authentication Systems7000Buy Now
168Multi New Product Survey Management7000Buy Now
169Movie Recommender Systems via User- Item Subgroups7000Buy Now
170Movie Rating and Recommendation on Mobile7000Buy Now
171Modern Municipal Corporation7000Buy Now
172Mobile TV Quality Management7000Buy Now
173Mobile Banking WAP7000Buy Now
174Manifold Entrust Scheme7000Buy Now
175Management System in Train7000Buy Now
176Secure Mailing System7000Buy Now
177Location-Based Spatial Query Processing in Wireless Broadcast Environments7000Buy Now
179Knowledge Based Decision Support System(KMS)7000Buy Now
180Key Management for Content Integration7000Buy Now
181Inter Bank Fund Transfer in Distributed Network7000Buy Now
182Information and Knowledge Extracting from a large amount of data7000Buy Now
183Industry Standard Authorization For Sensitive Resources7000Buy Now
184Implementation and Validating Environmental and Health7000Buy Now
185iKnoweb Extracting and Integrating Entity Information System7000Buy Now
187High_level network Security Using Packet Filtering7000Buy Now
188High and Low Level SQL Query Executor7000Buy Now
190A Game Theory for Online Security7000Buy Now
191Distributed Transaction Proxy7000Buy Now
192Freelancer Job7000Buy Now
193File Security With Multi Database System7000Buy Now
195Fertilizer Management System7000Buy Now
196Fast Web Information Gathering with Alias Detection7000Buy Now
197E-Tutor Online Jobs7000Buy Now
198Enterprise Stock and Accounting System7000Buy Now
199Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing7000Buy Now
200Encrypted IT Auditing on Cloud Computing7000Buy Now
201Encrypted Data Storage Vs Data Against illegal Access7000Buy Now
202Enabling Site Interaction In Social Community7000Buy Now
203Enabling Public Verifiability and Data Dynamics for Storage in Cloud Computing7000Buy Now
204E-Music world7000Buy Now
205Employee Resource Management7000Buy Now
206Employee Management System7000Buy Now
207E-Learning7000Buy Now
208E Fraud Prevention based on the Self Authentication of e Documents7000Buy Now
209Distribution System for Discount Sales7000Buy Now
210Distributed Data Integration on Electricity Board7000Buy Now
211Disease Information Hiding on Publishing Healthcare Data7000Buy Now
212Digital Documents Attestation Systems7000Buy Now
213Defending Against Web Application Vulnerabilities7000Buy Now
214Defects Analysis Systems7000Buy Now
215Data theft detection mobile cloud computing7000Buy Now
216Data Base Fraud Detection Systems7000Buy Now
217Customer Information Hiding for Data Mismanagement in Banking7000Buy Now
218Company Security Reporting System(CSRS)7000Buy Now
219E -Crime File Management System7000Buy Now
220Credit Card Management System7000Buy Now
221Corporate Requirement System7000Buy Now
222Consumer Sales Online Fake Product Detection and Deletion7000Buy Now
223Company Information Tracking System7000Buy Now
224Cloud Policy-Based File Assure Deletion7000Buy Now
225Cloud Data Theft Attacks7000Buy Now
226Cloud Cyber Attacks against Social Networks7000Buy Now
227Cloud Cost Management for Customer Sensitive Data7000Buy Now
228Client Favorite Photo Search Engine on Web7000Buy Now
229Citizen Card System7000Buy Now
230Card Management System7000Buy Now
231Design &Development of Car Parking and Automation Billing Systems7000Buy Now
232Customer Care Service7000Buy Now
233BPO Call Center7000Buy Now
234Automation of IT Process Management7000Buy Now
235Modeling and Automated Containment of Worms7000Buy Now
236Attribute Key Based Data Security System7000Buy Now
237As Needed Basis Accountability for Cloud Data Sharing7000Buy Now
238Annotation of short texts With Wikipedia pages7000Buy Now
240Advance User Management on Social Website7000Buy Now
241A Semantic Web Based Scientific News Aggregator7000Buy Now