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Machine learning

SNOProject TitleCost
1Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for Cybersecurity7500Buy Now
2How Data-Driven Entrepreneur Analyzes Imperfect Information for Business Opportunity Evaluation7500Buy Now
3Image Reconstruction Is a New Frontier of Machine Learning7500Buy Now
4Predicting the Top-N popular videos via a cross-domain hybrid model7500Buy Now
5Robust Malware Detection for Internet Of (Battlefield) Things Devices Using Deep Eigenspace Learning7500Buy Now
6Toward Better Statistical Validation of Machine Learning-Based Multimedia Quality Estimators7500Buy Now
8Review of the Use of AI Techniques in Serious Games: Decision-Making and Machine7500Buy Now
9Personalized affective feedback to address studentsÂ’ frustration in ITS7500Buy Now
10A Bi-objective Hyper-Heuristic Support Vector Machines for Big Data Cyber-Security7500Buy Now
11Data Analytics Approach to the Cybercrime Underground Economy7500Buy Now
12Achieving Data Truthfulness and Privacy Preservation in Data Markets7500Buy Now
13Designing Cyber Insurance Policies: The Role of Pre-Screening and Security Interdependence7500Buy Now
14Smart bears don't talk to strangers: Analysing privacy concerns and technical solutions in smart toys for children7500Buy Now
15Price-based Resource Allocation for Edge Computing: A Market Equilibrium Approach7500Buy Now
16Data-Driven Design of Fog Computing aided Process Monitoring System for Large-Scale Industrial Processes7500Buy Now
17Fog-Aided Verifiable Privacy Preserving Access Control for Latency-Sensitive Data Sharing in Vehicular Cloud Computing7500Buy Now
18Efficient Vertical Mining of High Average-Utility Itemsets based on Novel Upper-Bounds7500Buy Now
19RTSense: Providing Reliable Trust-Based Crowdsensing Services in CVCC7500Buy Now
20Machine Learning Cryptanalysis of a Quantum Random Number Generator7500Buy Now
21Secure Distributed Computing with Straggling Servers Using Polynomial Codes7500Buy Now
22Assessing the effectiveness of riparian restoration projects using Landsat and precipitation data from the cloud-computing application ClimateEngine.org7500Buy Now
23Auto-Weighted Multi-view Learning for Image Clustering and Semi-supervised Classification7500Buy Now
24Detecting Spammer Groups from Product Reviews: A Partially Supervised Learning Model7500Buy Now
25Evaluating Insider Threat DetectionWorkflow Using Supervised and Unsupervised Learning7500Buy Now
26Leveraging Unlabelled Data for Emotion Recognition with Enhanced Collaborative Semi-Supervised Learning7500Buy Now
27Link Weight Prediction Using Supervised Learning Methods and Its Application to Yelp Layered Network7500Buy Now
28Max-Margin Deep Generative Models for (Semi-)Supervised Learning7500Buy Now
29Multi-Traffic Scene Perception Based on Supervised Learning7500Buy Now
30Predicting Microblog Sentiments via Weakly Supervised Multi-Modal Deep Learning7500Buy Now
31Residential Household Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring via Graph-Based Multi-Label Semi-Supervised Learning7500Buy Now
32Self Paced Deep Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection7500Buy Now
33Self-Taught Low-Rank Coding for Visual Learning7500Buy Now
34Semi-Supervised Autoencoders for Speech Emotion Recognition7500Buy Now
35Semi-Supervised Learning Through Label Propagation on Geodesics7500Buy Now
36Spectral Learning for Supervised Topic Models7500Buy Now
37Webly-supervised Fine-grained Visual7500Buy Now
38Categorization via Deep Domain Adaptation7500Buy Now