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0.5W 8 OHM trumpet, Diameter36mm


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1. **Power Rating:**
– **0.5W:** This indicates the power rating of the speaker, which is 0.5 watts. It represents the maximum electrical power the speaker can handle without potential damage.

2. **Impedance:**
– **8 OHM:** The impedance of the speaker is 8 ohms. Impedance is the resistance to the flow of alternating current, and it’s a crucial specification for matching speakers with audio amplifiers.

3. **Type:**
– **Trumpet:** In this context, “trumpet” is likely used to describe the speaker’s form factor or shape. It could be a small, cone-shaped speaker often used in various electronic devices.

4. **Diameter:**
– **36mm:** This represents the diameter of the speaker. In this case, the speaker has a diameter of 36 millimeters. The size of the speaker can impact its performance and the frequency range it can reproduce.

Here’s a general summary based on the information provided:

– **Power Rating:** 0.5W
– **Impedance:** 8 ohms
– **Type:** Trumpet
– **Diameter:** 36mm


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