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Advanced Green House Automation with GSM Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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This project includes GSM (Sim800C) module, which is connected to Arduino through UART interface. Temperature Sensor ,  Humidity Sensor, Soil moisture Sensor, and LDR Sensor(Light sensor)  connected to Arduino through respective digital pins. AC pump motor will controlled through relay which is connected to Arduino digital Pin. Advanced Green House Automation With Gsm


Arduino reads all sensors continuously. DHT11 sensor detects temperature and humidity. Soil moisture reads wet and dry condition of soil. LDR sensor monitors light intensity. Co sensor reads environmental gases. All sensors data will be displayed on LCD.  Arduino updates all these sensors data to registered mobile number through SMS. For every time interval all sensors values come to mobile. When sensors  changes its state or exceed values then also SMS will come. By sending request SMS to Arduino it will send all SMS. In these three ways we will get all sensors data in SMS. User can control AC water pump when required by SMS.

  • Microcontroller                      :           Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                                    :           16 MHz
  • LCD                                        :           16X2 LCD
  • GSM                                       :           SIM800C
  • Temperature, Humidity          :           DHT11
  • Light Sensor                          :           LDR
  • Soil Moisture                          :           Leaded Type
  • Power Source                          :           12v 2 amp Adaptor
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Green House automation
  • Agri sector
  • Hydroponics
  • We have covered GSM (SIM800C) module interfacing
  • Different Sensors like DHT11, LDR and Soil moisture  sensors interfacings

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