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Automatic Bike Side Stand


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If you are working on a student project related to an automatic bike side stand, here’s a description that you can use to provide an overview of your project:

1. **Enhanced Safety:** Minimize the risk of accidents caused by forgetting to retract the side stand before riding.
2. **Convenience:** Provide a hands-free solution for deploying and retracting the side stand, reducing the effort required from the rider.
3. **Smart Sensor Integration:** Implement sensors such as tilt sensors and proximity sensors to detect the bike’s status and surroundings.
4. **User Interface:** Integrate a user-friendly interface for manual override and system status indication.
5. **Energy Efficiency:** Design an energy-efficient system to minimize power consumption and extend battery life.

**Key Features:**
– **Automated Deployment:** The side stand deploys automatically when the motorcycle comes to a complete stop.
– **Intelligent Retraction:** The system retracts the side stand as soon as the bike starts moving, ensuring rider safety.
– **Sensor Integration:** Utilize tilt sensors to detect the angle of the motorcycle and proximity sensors to assess the surroundings.
– **User Manual Override:** Include a manual override feature for the rider to control the side stand manually if needed.
– **Low Power Consumption:** Implement an efficient control system to conserve energy and reduce the impact on the bike’s battery.

– Motorcycles, Scooters, and Electric Bikes

– Improved safety during parking and riding.
– Enhanced rider convenience.
– Reduced wear and tear on the side stand mechanism.

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