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Bluetooth Module HC-05


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The HC-05 is a popular Bluetooth module that facilitates wireless communication between electronic devices. Here’s a general description of the Bluetooth Module HC-05:

1. **Bluetooth Communication:**
– The HC-05 module enables Bluetooth communication between electronic devices, allowing them to wirelessly exchange data.

2. **Bluetooth Version:**
– The HC-05 typically supports Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate).

3. **Dual-Mode Operation:**
– It operates in both master and slave modes, providing flexibility for various applications.

4. **Serial Communication:**
– The module commonly uses UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) for serial communication with other devices.

5. **Frequency Range:**
– Operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band.

6. **Communication Range:**
– The effective communication range is typically within a few meters, making it suitable for short-range wireless applications.

7. **AT Command Set:**
– The HC-05 module is configured and controlled using AT commands, providing a simple interface for setting up communication parameters.

8. **Pairing and Bonding:**
– Supports Bluetooth pairing and bonding processes, allowing secure connections between devices.

9. **Profiles:**
– Supports various Bluetooth profiles such as Serial Port Profile (SPP) for serial communication.

10. **Versatile Applications:**
– Used in various applications, including wireless data transmission, Bluetooth-enabled smart devices, and DIY electronics projects.

11. **LED Indicators:**
– Some HC-05 modules come with LED indicators that provide visual feedback on the module’s status, such as connection and communication.

12. **Master-Slave Configuration:**
– Capable of being configured as a master device to control multiple slave devices or as a slave device to connect with a master.

13. **Power Supply:**
– Typically operates on low voltage and is suitable for battery-powered applications.

14. **Integration with Microcontrollers:**
– Easily integrates with microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, expanding the range of possible applications.

15. **DIY Electronics:**
– Widely used by hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts for creating wireless projects, remote-controlled devices, and Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

16. **Data Rate:**
– The module supports various data rates depending on the Bluetooth version, allowing for efficient data transfer.

17. **Configurable PIN:**
– The module often has a configurable PIN code for security purposes during pairing.

18. **Transparent Mode:**
– The HC-05 can operate in a transparent mode, allowing it to function as a wireless bridge for serial communication.

19. **AT Command Manual:**
– Users can refer to the AT command manual for the HC-05 module to understand and configure its behavior.

Enhance your project with the versatile HC-05 Bluetooth Module. Ideal for seamless wireless communication, this module boasts compatibility with various devices, making it perfect for DIY electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike. Explore its easy integration, low-power consumption, and reliable performance. Elevate your projects with the power of Bluetooth connectivity – discover the HC-05 module today!


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