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Compressed air engine with variable speed Mechanical engineering final year project


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Objective: The primary goal of this final year mechanical engineering project is to design, construct, and test a compressed air engine with a variable-speed capability. The focus is on creating an innovative and sustainable power generation system that utilizes compressed air as an energy source, with the added feature of variable-speed control for improved efficiency across different operating conditions.

Components and System Overview:

  1. Compressed Air Storage System: Design a compressed air storage system capable of storing and releasing air efficiently. Consider the use of high-pressure storage tanks and valves.
  2. Variable-Speed Engine: Develop a compressed air engine capable of variable-speed operation. This may involve designing a variable-speed drive or incorporating a transmission system to optimize the engine’s performance at different speeds.
  3. Control System: Implement a control system that manages the variable-speed operation of the engine. This may involve the use of sensors, actuators, and a microcontroller to adjust the engine speed based on load requirements.
  4. Mechanical Integration: Ensure seamless integration of the variable-speed compressed air engine with a power generation system. Design mechanical components to withstand the stresses associated with variable-speed operation.

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