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Contact less sanitizer dispenser using IC 555


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Circuit Description:

  1. IC 555 Timer (Astable Mode):
    • The 555 timer is configured in astable mode to generate a continuous square wave signal. The frequency and duty cycle can be adjusted based on the application.
  2. Infrared (IR) Proximity Sensor:
    • The IR proximity sensor detects the presence of a hand near the dispenser.
  3. Transistor (NPN):
    • The NPN transistor acts as a switch. When the IR sensor detects an object (hand), it triggers the transistor to conduct.
  4. Relay:
    • The relay is used to control the DC motor or dispenser mechanism. When the transistor conducts, the relay is activated, providing power to the dispenser.
  5. DC Motor (Dispenser Mechanism):
    • The DC motor is connected to the relay and activates the dispenser mechanism when the relay is energized.
  6. Sanitizer Dispenser (Pump or Similar Mechanism):
    • The sanitizer dispenser mechanism, such as a pump, is activated by the DC motor, dispensing sanitizer when the circuit is triggered.

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