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Diode 1N4007


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The 1N4007 is a widely used rectifier diode, part of the 1N400x series. Here’s a general description:

The 1N4007 is a silicon rectifier diode with a maximum repetitive reverse voltage of 1000 volts (1kV) and an average rectified forward current of 1 ampere. It is designed for general-purpose rectification in electronic circuits. The “1N” indicates it is a standard rectifier diode, and the “4007” is a specific part number within the series.

Key features include:

1. **Maximum Reverse Voltage (V_RRM):** 1000 volts.
2. **Average Forward Current (I_AV):** 1 ampere.
3. **Peak Forward Surge Current (I_FSM):** The maximum allowable forward current for a short duration.
4. **Forward Voltage Drop (V_F):** The voltage drop across the diode when conducting in the forward direction.
5. **Reverse Recovery Time (t_rr):** The time it takes for the diode to switch from the conducting to the non-conducting state when the voltage across it changes from forward to reverse bias.
6. **Package Type:** Typically in an axial-lead DO-41 package.

The 1N4007 is commonly used in power supply circuits, rectifiers, and various electronic devices where low to moderate power rectification is required.



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