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Face mask detection and voice alert electronics engineering final year project


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Here we used ESP32-CAM and it has built-in camera with WIFI connectivity. It can connect with local network with SSID and password of mobile hotspot or WIFI router. APR33a3 module connected to ESP32-CAM digital pins. Video streaming access done through IP address of ESP32-CAM on local HTML webpage. ESP32-CAM module placed on daughter board and it has 5V DC supply along with all digital pins. Firmware can detect face and face mask. User need to press button while showing face to ESP32-CAM. If face mask detected properly then audio announcement will come through APR module. Otherwise buzzer will ON and alerting audio will come. We can use this kind system in Hospitals, Auditoriums, Covid-19 red zones and clinical laborites.



Microcontroller            :         Esp32-Cam

Voice Module               :         APR33a3

LED                                :        DC 1.8V

Buzzer                            :        DC 5V

Power Source                :         12v 1 amp DC battery


Arduino IDE


  • Face mask detection for gate entry
  • Covid-19 protocols
  • Hospitals
  • Clinical laborites


  • We have covered Esp32-Cam
  • APR module interface

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