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NEO-60MGPS Receiver Module With UART Output


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The NEO-6M GPS Receiver Module with UART Output is a compact electronic device designed for global positioning system (GPS) applications. Here’s a general description:

1. **GPS Receiver Module:**
– The NEO-6M is a GPS module that receives signals from GPS satellites to determine its precise location and provide accurate time information.

2. **UART Output:**
– The module communicates with external devices, such as microcontrollers or computers, using UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) protocol. This allows for serial communication and data transfer.

3. **Global Positioning System:**
– The primary function of the module is to receive signals from GPS satellites and calculate the device’s latitude, longitude, altitude, and other location-related information.

4. **Navigation and Tracking:**
– The NEO-6M is commonly used in navigation systems, vehicle tracking devices, drones, and other applications where precise location information is required.

5. **Compact Form Factor:**
– The module is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it suitable for integration into various electronic projects and systems.

6. **High Sensitivity:**
– GPS modules like NEO-6M often feature high sensitivity, allowing them to acquire and maintain a GPS signal even in challenging environments.

7. **UART Communication Protocol:**
– The UART output provides a simple and widely used interface for data transfer, enabling easy integration with other electronic components and devices.

8. **Low Power Consumption:**
– Many GPS modules are designed with low power consumption, making them suitable for battery-powered applications.

9. **Position Accuracy:**
– The NEO-6M module typically offers a high level of position accuracy, allowing for precise tracking and navigation.

10. **NMEA Protocol Support:**
– The module often supports NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) protocol, a standard for communication between marine electronics devices.

11. **Configuration Options:**
– GPS modules like NEO-6M may offer configuration options to customize settings such as update rate, baud rate, and other parameters.

12. **Real-Time Clock (RTC):**
– Some GPS modules integrate a real-time clock, providing accurate time information in addition to location data.


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