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Helmet sensing bike with ignition control Electronics engineering final year project


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Arduino monitors finger print scanner when user pressed ignition key. ESP32 camera enabled with AI and ML program, this will detect helmet wearing. ESP32 camera uses Tensor flow and deep learning techniques to identify helmet wearing. Image classification plays major role to detect and identify particular objects. If user have valid fingerprint and helmet wearing then only vehicle will start. If any of them fails then vehicle will stop automatically.


Microcontroller          :           Arduino uno controller

Crystal                        :           16 MHz

LCD                            :           16×4 LCD display

Camera                       :           ESP32 camera

Biometric Module      :           R307 TTL module

Motors                        :           DC motor

Relay                           :           12V DC

Buzzer                         :           5V DC

Power Source              :           12v 1 amp DC adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Vehicle security system
  • AI in automotive security
  • Machine learning for secure smart vehicles
  • Vehicle security using Artificial intelligence and convolution neural network
  • Biometric based vehicle access system
  • We have covered Arduino Uno programming and interface
  • ESP32 cam and finger print module interface

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