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IOT Based LPG gas cylinder level and leakage Detection Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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Load cell interfaced with Arduino analog pin. Based on weight it will generate ADC output with 0 to 5V. ESP8266 IOT module interfaced with Arduino UART port. Smoke sensor (Mq2), Fire sensor and buzzer connected to Arduino digital pins respectively.


Arduino calculates weight of the cylinder. Weight and gas level are directly proportional. If cylinder weight is more that mean high cylinder level and vice versa. Also Arduino reads gas and fire sensors status. Arduino displays all sensors data on LCD and send to IOT cloud server. Every 30 sec time interval data will be transmitted to server. Also if smoke or fire sensors activated then also data will be transmitted to server. Data nothing but gas cylinder level, smoke sensor status and fire sensor status. We can monitor these parameters from remote location. When gas cylinder level below 30 percent then buzzer will be ON, that indicates about to empty. Using this project we can protect kitchen from fire accidents also.


Microcontrollers        :           Arduino Uno

Crystal                          :           16 MHz

LCD                              :           16X2 LCD

WIFI module              :           ESP8266

Load cell                     :           ADC output 0-5V

Buzzer                         :           DC 5V

Fire sensor                  :           IR based

Smoke sensor             :           MQ series

Power Source              :           12V, 1 amp DC adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Gas cylinder monitoring system
  • Kitchen applications
  • Gas and fire detection system
  • We have covered ESP8266 (IOT module/WIFI) interface
  • Load cell, fire sensor and gas sensor interface

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