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IOT Based Smart Agriculture System Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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This project consists DHT11 (temperature and humidity) sensor and soil moisture sensor. Two sensors connected to Arduino through digital and analog pins respectively. WIFI (Esp8266/IOT module) also connected to Arduino through UART pins. AC pump, DC fan and heaters are controlled through relays. These three control are few control parameters of Agriculture.


DHT11 (temperature and humidity) sensor sense environmental temperature /humidity and sends to Arduino. Soil moisture sensor sense soil moisture Dry and Wet conditions. Arduino takes all these sensor values and displayed on LCD. At the same time Arduino sends to server through WIFI (Esp8266/IOT module). Farmer can monitor all these values from anywhere. Also Farmer can control AC pump for soil moisture, DC fan for temperature and heating element (heater) for humidity from IOT server.


Microcontroller               :        Arduino Uno

Crystal                               :        16 MHz

LCD                                    :        16X2 LCD

WIFI                                   :        Esp8266 (IOT module)

Temp/Humidity Sensor :        DHT11

Relays                                 :        12V Electromagnetic coil

Pump                                  :        AC pump 230v

Fan                                      :        DC pump 12V

Heater                                 :        230v AC heating filament

Power Source                     :        12v 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Farming
  • Agriculture
  • Hydroponics
  • In this project we have covered WIFI (ESP8266/IOT) module interfacings. Also DHT11 (Temperature and humidity) and Soil Moisture sensors along with relay Loads control

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