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IOT Based Smart Dustbin Electronics engineering final year project


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When some comes near to bin and activate IR sensor then bin cap will open. At the same time Bin level will be estimated by ultrasonic sensor. The information of IR and ultrasonic sensor will be transmitted to IOT server. Whenever bin cap open in that particular time data of IR and ultrasonic will transmitted to IOT server through (ESP8266/IOT) IOT module.  Here user can’t touch any part of bin. The information in the server will helps to collect bin whenever it filled completely.

Technical Specifications:

Microcontroller             :         Arduino Uno

Crystal                             :         16 MHz

LCD                                  :         16X2 LCD

WIFI                                 :         Esp8266 (IOT module)

H-bridge                          :         L293d

Dc gear Motor                 :         3 or 10 r.p.m

Ultrasonic Sensor          :         HC-SR04

IR sensor                         :         Digital Type

Buzzer                              :         5v DC

Power Source                 :         12v 2 amp Adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Waste management
  • Touch less
  • Smart Dustbin
  • In this project we have covered WIFI (ESP8266/IOT) module interface. Also sensors like IR and ultrasonic sensors along with Servo motor interface.

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