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IR Pair 5mm


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An “IR Pair 5mm” typically refers to an Infrared (IR) emitter and receiver pair, each with a 5mm diameter. Here’s a general description:

1. **Infrared Pair:**
– The term “IR Pair” indicates that the component consists of both an IR emitter (LED) and an IR receiver, designed to work together for infrared communication.

2. **5mm Diameter:**
– The 5mm diameter specification refers to the physical size of the components, which is a common size for infrared LEDs and receivers.

3. **Emitter (LED):**
– The IR emitter, often in the form of a 5mm IR LED, emits infrared light when powered. This emitted light is usually in the infrared spectrum, beyond what the human eye can detect.

4. **Receiver:**
– The IR receiver, also a 5mm component, is designed to detect the emitted infrared light. It is sensitive to the specific wavelength emitted by the IR LED.

5. **Infrared Communication:**
– These pairs are commonly used in applications such as infrared communication, remote control systems, and object detection where the presence of reflected or emitted infrared light is crucial.

6. **DIY Electronics:**
– Popular for use in DIY electronics projects, these IR pairs are often integrated into circuits for various applications, including obstacle avoidance, line following robots, and infrared communication between devices.

7. **Modulation Capabilities:**
– Some IR pairs may have modulation capabilities, allowing them to encode information in the infrared signal for communication purposes.

8. **Prototyping:**
– The 5mm size makes them suitable for prototyping on breadboards and integration into various electronic projects.



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