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Laser Module Original 6mm 3.3V – 5V


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1. **Laser Module:**
– The device is a laser module, which means it includes a laser diode and associated components for emitting laser light.

2. **Original:**
– The term “Original” suggests that it is an authentic or genuine product, potentially indicating a reliable source or manufacturer.

3. **6mm Size:**
– The laser module has a diameter of 6mm, indicating a compact and small form factor.

4. **Voltage Range:**
– The laser module operates within the voltage range of 3.3V to 5V. This range specifies the power supply requirements for the module.

5. **Versatility:**
– Designed to be versatile, the laser module could be suitable for a range of applications, including laser pointers, alignment tools, or as a component in electronic projects.

6. **Laser Diode:**
– The central component of the module is likely a laser diode, responsible for emitting the laser light.

7. **Power Supply:**
– The module requires a power supply within the specified voltage range (3.3V to 5V) for proper operation.

8. **Application:**
– Depending on its power and specifications, the laser module could be used for tasks such as engraving, alignment, or as a visual aid in various electronic projects.

9. **Safety Considerations:**
– Laser modules should be handled with care, and precautions must be taken to avoid eye exposure to laser light. Always adhere to safety guidelines and use appropriate protective measures when working with lasers.


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