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LIFI Based Data and Audio Communication Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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LIFI module connected to Arduino UART port. At transmitter side LIFI module has LED light array. At receiver side LIFI module has solar panel. LIFI module can transmit both data and audio. It has selection switches for two modes. By selecting mode switches we can keep LIFI module in data and audio mode.


Here there are two sections to transmit data and audio. One is transmitter which has LIFI transmitter connected to Arduino serial port. Also it has connection with PC serial port to transmit data from PC. When we enter data in PC, LIFI module transmits data through LED array in the form of light. At receiver side LIFI module interfaced with Arduino serial port. It has solar panel to receive data from transmitter and converts light format data into text. This data will be displayed on 16×2 LCD display.

These LIFI modules has audio communication modes by selecting switches into audio mode. We can connect mobile phone audio pin to transmitter LIFI module and  it can transmit audio through light format. LIFI receiver converts light data into audio signals playing through amplifier and speaker.

  • Microcontroller          :           Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                          :           16 MHz
  • LCD                              :           16X2 LCD
  • LIFI Module               :           UART based LIFI module
  • Speaker                       :           6 ohms
  • Power Source             :           12v 1 amp DC battery
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Data communication
  •  Audio communication
  • LIFI communication
  • LIFI based projects
  • We have covered LIFI module interfacing
  • LIFI Audio communication interface
  • LIFI Data communication interface

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