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LIFI Based Highway Navigation System electronic engineering final year project


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In this project we are using Arduino as a microcontroller and can drive entire system. Arduino has communication with LIFI module through serial port. Both can communicate through serial port. LIFI module has divided into two parts. One is transmitter and other one is receiver. LIFI transmitter has driver and LED light array. LIFI Receiver has driver and Solar panel.


Each LIFI transmitter section works as Like Street light. Here we are using two LIFI transmitters, which can send highway navigation information and provides lighting. LIFI receiver section placed on vehicle and can receive LIFI signals from each light. Information displayed on LCD. Based on this information driver can take next moment easily. This project makes highway navigation easy and effective.

  • Microcontroller           :           Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                           :           16 MHz
  • LCD                               :           16X2 LCD
  • LIFI Module                :           UART based LIFI module
  • Power Source              :           12v 1 amp DC battery
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • Space application sensors data monitoring
  • Smart Highway Navigation
  • Wireless navigation monitoring
  • LIFI based advanced applications
  • Light Fidelity Technology
  • We have covered LIFI module interfacing
  • Arduino interfacing with LIFI module

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