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LIFI Based Under Water Communication System Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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Arduino and LIFI module are connected together through UART port. LIFI module transmits and receives data through UART port and data level in RS232. At LIFI transmitter side Arduino connected to PC through another serial port.


In this project we are transmitting text data from LIFI transmitter to LIFI receiver. LIFI transmitter section contains PC, Arduino and LIFI transmitter. From serial terminal we have to give data and data will transmit to Arduino. Then Arduino transmits same data to LIFI module and converts into light. LIFI receiver section receives data through its solar panel and data will be displayed on 16×2 LCD display. For Demonstration purpose we can use glass tub with water for LIFI communication. Need to keep glass water tub between LIFI transmitter and LIFI receiver.

  • Microcontroller          :           Arduino Uno
  • Crystal                          :           16 MHz
  • LCD                               :           16X2 LCD
  • LIFI Module                :           UART based LIFI module
  • Power Source              :           12v 1 amp DC battery
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • under water communication
  • communication through water medium
  • LIFI projects
  • data communication
  • LIFI based data and audio communication
  • We have covered LIFI module interfacing
  • LIFI Arduino interfacing with UART communication

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