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LIFI Based Voice or Audio Communication electronics engineering final year project


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Here there are two LIFI modules. One is transmitter and other one is receiver. LIFI transmitter module consists of  Light (LED arrays) and audio-in port which can convert audio signals to light signals. We can connect audio-in port to laptop or mobile and start playing songs or any other audio files. LIFI receiver consists of solar panel which can convert light signals into audio signals. Audio output will be played through amplifier and speaker.


Both the sections need input power which is 12V DC. Light Source (LED arrays) and Solar panel placed oppositely to communicate audio signals properly. These light signals easily penetrate through Water Also.

  • LIFI Module               :           UART based LIFI module
  • Audio Amplifier         :           LM386
  • Speaker                        :           7-14 ohms
  • Solar Panel                  :           6V DC
  • Power Source              :           12v 1 amp DC Adaptors
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus based circuit diagram
  • LIFI Audio Transmission
  • Smart LIFI Applications
  • Wireless communication
  • We have covered LIFI module interfacing
  • Audio Amplifier
  • Solar Panel Signal Amplification

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