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MQ4 CNG Gas Sensor


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The MQ-4 sensor is a gas detection module designed to detect the presence of natural gas, specifically Methane (CH4), which is the primary component of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Here’s a general description:

1. **Gas Detection:**
– The primary function of the MQ-4 sensor is to detect the presence of Methane gas, which is commonly found in natural gas and CNG.

2. **Semiconductor-Based Sensor:**
– The sensor uses a semiconductor material that reacts with Methane gas, causing changes in its electrical conductivity.

3. **Analog Output:**
– The MQ-4 sensor typically provides an analog voltage output that varies based on the concentration of Methane gas detected.

4. **High Sensitivity:**
– Known for its high sensitivity to Methane, the MQ-4 sensor can detect low concentrations of the gas.

5. **Adjustable Sensitivity:**
– Some versions of the MQ-4 sensor may include a potentiometer that allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

6. **Response Time:**
– The sensor has a specific response time, indicating how quickly it can detect changes in Methane gas concentration.

7. **Detection Range:**
– The detection range of the MQ-4 sensor defines the minimum and maximum concentrations of Methane it can effectively sense.

8. **Alarm Systems:**
– Often used in alarm systems to alert users to the presence of Methane gas, especially in areas where natural gas or CNG may be used.

9. **Safety Applications:**
– Commonly employed in applications where safety is a concern, such as gas leak detection in homes, industrial facilities, or vehicles using CNG.

10. **Environmental Monitoring:**
– Used for monitoring Methane levels in the environment to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

11. **Low Power Consumption:**
– Designed to operate with relatively low power consumption, making it suitable for battery-powered devices or applications.

12. **Preheat Time:**
– The MQ-4 sensor typically requires a preheat time before it stabilizes and becomes fully responsive to changes in gas concentration.

13. **DIY Electronics:**
– Suitable for use in do-it-yourself (DIY) electronics projects where Methane gas detection is a required feature.



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