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Peltier plate 12706


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A Peltier plate, often referred to as a Peltier module or thermoelectric cooler, with the designation “12706” likely signifies a specific model or type. Let’s break down the information typically conveyed by the designation “12706” and provide a general description of a Peltier plate:

1. **Peltier Plate 12706:**
– **12706:** The numerical part of the designation often provides information about the Peltier module’s characteristics. In this case, “12706” could represent specific electrical and thermal properties. However, without detailed specifications, it’s not possible to precisely determine the parameters.

2. **General Description:**
– A Peltier plate is a thermoelectric device that utilizes the Peltier effect to transfer heat between two sides of the module when an electric current is applied.
– The module typically consists of semiconductor materials sandwiched between two ceramic plates.
– Peltier modules are used for both cooling and heating applications in electronic devices, scientific instruments, and other systems.

3. **Working Principle:**
– The Peltier effect involves the absorption or release of heat at the junctions of two different types of conductive materials when an electric current is applied. This effect is reversible, allowing the module to act as both a cooler and a heater.

4. **Applications:**
– Peltier plates find applications in various fields, including electronics cooling, temperature stabilization in laboratory equipment, and thermal management in certain consumer products.
– They are commonly used in conjunction with heat sinks and fans to enhance cooling efficiency.

5. **Specifications:**
– Specific specifications for a Peltier plate would include parameters such as the maximum voltage, current, cooling capacity, and temperature differentials.

Without the precise specifications for the “12706” model, it’s challenging to provide detailed information about its characteristics. If you have access to the datasheet or product specifications, you can obtain more accurate details about the electrical and thermal properties of the Peltier plate in question.


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