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PIR Sensor module


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The Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor Module is an electronic device designed to detect infrared radiation emitted by objects within its field of view. PIR sensors are commonly used in motion detection applications. Here’s a general description of a PIR Sensor Module:

1. **Motion Detection:**
– The primary function of the PIR Sensor Module is to detect motion by sensing changes in infrared radiation.

2. **Passive Infrared Technology:**
– PIR sensors work based on the principle of detecting changes in heat (infrared radiation) emitted by objects. They are passive, meaning they don’t emit infrared radiation themselves but only sense changes in the ambient infrared levels.

3. **Pyroelectric Sensor:**
– The module typically contains a pyroelectric sensor that generates an electric charge in response to changes in infrared radiation.

4. **Field of View (FOV):**
– PIR Sensor Modules have a specific field of view that defines the area in which they can detect motion.

5. **Sensitivity Adjustment:**
– Many PIR modules come with sensitivity adjustment, allowing users to customize the sensor’s response based on the application.

6. **Delay Settings:**
– Some PIR sensors include adjustable delay settings, determining how long the sensor stays active after detecting motion.

7. **Trigger Output:**
– PIR modules often have a trigger output that goes high when motion is detected, making it compatible with microcontrollers, relays, or other devices.

8. **Applications:**
– PIR Sensor Modules are commonly used in security systems, automatic lighting, occupancy sensing, and other applications where motion detection is required.

9. **Easy Integration:**
– PIR sensors are easy to integrate into electronic circuits and systems, making them popular in DIY electronics projects.

10. **Low Power Consumption:**
– PIR sensors typically have low power consumption, allowing them to be used in battery-powered devices.

11. **Compact Form Factor:**
– The module is designed to be compact, making it suitable for various applications and installations.

12. **Human Presence Detection:**
– PIR sensors are particularly effective in detecting the presence of humans due to the body heat emitted in the infrared spectrum.

13. **Light Control:**
– In combination with other components, PIR sensors are often used to control lighting systems, turning lights on or off based on motion detection.



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