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Resistance 2.2K 1/4W 1/Pcs


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A 2.2K ohm, 1/4W resistor is an electronic component that limits or controls the flow of electric current in a circuit. Here’s a general description:

The “2.2K” in “2.2K ohm” refers to the resistance value of the resistor, which is 2,200 ohms. The “1/4W” indicates the power rating, which is 1/4 watt. Here’s what each part of the description signifies:

– **Resistance Value:** 2,200 ohms (2.2K ohms)
– **Power Rating:** 1/4 watt
– **Tolerance:** Resistors often have a specified tolerance, indicating the range within which the actual resistance may vary from the rated value. Common tolerances include ±1%, ±5%, etc.

This type of resistor is commonly used in various electronic applications such as voltage dividers, current limiting, biasing circuits, and signal conditioning. The 1/4W power rating suggests that it can safely dissipate up to 1/4 watt of power without overheating.


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