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Resistance 470K 1/4W 1/Pcs


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A 470K ohm, 1/4-watt resistor is a passive electronic component designed to limit or control the electric current flow in a circuit. Here’s a general description:

A 470K ohm resistor has a resistance value of 470,000 ohms. The “K” in 470K represents the multiplier for thousand, so 470K is equivalent to 470,000 ohms. The “1/4W” indicates its power rating, with 1/4 watt being the maximum power the resistor can safely dissipate without overheating.

Key features may include:

1. **Resistance Value:** 470K ohms (470,000 ohms).
2. **Power Rating:** 1/4 watt.
3. **Tolerance:** Resistors typically have a specified tolerance, which indicates the range within which the actual resistance may vary from the rated value. Common tolerances include ±1%, ±5%, etc.
4. **Construction:** The resistor may be a carbon film resistor, metal film resistor, or another type, depending on the manufacturing specifications.
5. **Color Code:** Resistors often use a color code to indicate their resistance value.

Applications for a 470K ohm resistor can include voltage divider circuits, signal conditioning, and as a current-limiting resistor in various electronic projects.


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