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Rotary Car Parking


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A Rotary Car Parking System is a mechanical engineering project that involves designing and implementing a parking system where cars are parked on a rotating platform. The primary purpose of this system is to optimize the use of available parking space and improve the efficiency of parking in congested urban areas.

The main objective of the project is to design, fabricate, and implement a Rotary Car Parking System that utilizes mechanical engineering principles to maximize parking space utilization.

**Components and Features:**

1. **Rotating Platform:**
– Design a circular platform that can rotate horizontally.
– Implement a robust and precise rotation mechanism using gears, motors, and sensors.
– Ensure the platform can support the weight of multiple cars and rotates smoothly.

2. **Carrying Structure:**
– Develop a sturdy supporting structure to hold the rotating platform.
– Consider factors like material strength, durability, and stability.
– Incorporate safety features to prevent accidents and ensure user security.

3. **Parking Slots:**
– Design individual parking slots on the rotating platform to accommodate cars.
– Optimize the arrangement of slots for maximum space utilization.
– Implement a locking mechanism to secure parked cars in position.

4. **Control System:**
– Develop a control system that manages the rotation of the platform and the allocation of parking slots.
– Integrate sensors for detecting the presence of cars, enabling automated parking and retrieval.
– Include a user interface for manual control and monitoring.

5. **Safety Features:**
– Implement safety measures such as emergency brakes, obstacle detection, and fail-safe mechanisms to prevent accidents.
– Integrate alarms or indicators to alert users during parking and retrieval processes.

6. **Power System:**
– Choose an efficient power supply system to drive the rotating mechanism.
– Consider energy-saving features and backup systems in case of power failures.

7. **Cost Analysis:**
– Conduct a comprehensive cost analysis, considering materials, components, and labor.
– Explore cost-effective solutions without compromising safety and efficiency.

8. **User Manual and Maintenance Guide:**
– Provide a user manual detailing the operation of the rotary car parking system.
– Include a maintenance guide for regular checks and troubleshooting.

9. **Testing and Validation:**
– Conduct thorough testing of the system to ensure reliability and safety.
– Validate the design through simulations and real-world testing scenarios.

10. **Documentation and Presentation:**
– Document the entire design and implementation process.
– Create a comprehensive presentation outlining the project’s objectives, methodology, and results.


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