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Screw Jack for 100 Kg Load Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project


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Project Objectives:

  1. Load Specification: Determine the specific requirements for lifting a maximum load of 100 kg, considering factors such as safety margins, load distribution, and lifting height.
  2. Mechanical Design: Develop a robust mechanical design for the Screw Jack, considering factors such as thread pitch, screw diameter, and material strength to ensure efficient load lifting.
  3. Material Selection: Choose appropriate materials for the screw, nut, and other components, balancing strength, weight, and cost considerations.
  4. Analysis and Simulation: Utilize engineering analysis tools to simulate and analyze the performance of the Screw Jack under different loading conditions, ensuring structural integrity and identifying potential failure points.
  5. Safety Features: Integrate safety features such as a locking mechanism, overload protection, and fail-safes to prevent accidents or damage during operation.
  6. Efficiency Optimization: Optimize the design for mechanical efficiency, minimizing friction and energy losses to ensure the Screw Jack operates with maximum effectiveness.
  7. Prototyping: Build a functional prototype of the Screw Jack based on the optimized design, allowing for practical testing and validation of the theoretical analysis.
  8. Testing and Validation: Conduct a series of tests to validate the Screw Jack’s performance under various load conditions, comparing the results with theoretical predictions.

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