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Smart Shopping Trolley using IOT and RFID Electronics Engineering Final Year Project


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Initially, basket connected to IOT server through WIFI (IOT module-ESP8266) module. Each product Have RFID tags and has information like rate and name of the product. While taking product user has to swipe product and press add button. If product added into basket then price will be added. If he wants to remove product then he has to swipe product and press remove button. Based on each product addition, data will be update to IOT server. In server data will be visible in table format with product name, status (add/remove) and total also all this information stored in server with date and time. After shopping complete billing process it is easy to do billing by seeing in server account and it will save lot of time. Also information will display on 16×2 LCD display. When any person or obstacle found in front of basket then buzzer alert will come.


Microcontrollers        :           Arduino Uno

Crystal                          :           16 MHz

LCD                               :           16X2 LCD

WIFI module              :           ESP8266

RFID module              :           EM-18

Buzzer                          :           DC 5V

Obstacle Sensor          :           HC-SR04

Power Source              :           12VDC Battery


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Shopping Trolley
  • Easy Shopping Applications
  • We have covered RFID and ESP8266 (IOT module/WIFI) interface
  • Ultrasonic sensor interface

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